Easiest Way to Get Specific Topics For Your Blog

Easiest Way to Get Specific Topics For Your BlogSo let’s say you have tons of ideas running through your head but…you’re struggling to write about specific topics (If you haven’t already learned how to set up your blog then refer to my last post here).
One of the best ways to get direction is to record yourself. Pretend you’re talking to an audience about the ideas you want to covey out loud, start the camera and record.

You want to be seen as the expert and be an authority on specific topics? Well here’s your chance.

Talk to your pretend audience about helpful tips they might want to hear. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a well thought out video, but one to get the ideas flowing. By creating videos, you’re not only enabling yourself to gain content to write about in your blogs, but you’re also practicing being in front of a camera. The goal here is simply to try out the process while gaining direction to write. I can bet that over time you will become so comfortable with the idea of speaking to a camera, that your content will become more concise and cohesive to one subject.
Next, you should take what you talked about in your video and transcribe it! If this is your first time filming yourself, chances are your ideas will be a little scattered, but that’s completely fine. It’s easiest to write out what you said and then fill in the spaces that could have made more sense. Trust me, sounds like a no brainer but this works! Think of this process as an edit to a script. You already laid out what you’re going to write about but, now that you’re in front of your computer screen, you’ll be able to add on to what was verbally said in your video. This could potentially inspire and lead to a follow up video, which means even more content for your blog. There is the potential for an unlimited amount of specific topics for your blog! 
Eventually this process will enable you to see how blogs and video content go hand in hand. Creating videos is essentially giving you blog content. Once you become comfortable enough with creating videos, you should create your own YouTube channel and actually start taking yourself a little more seriously. People like putting a face to content and ideas!
Remember that even if you’re struggling to write about specific topics now, eventually it will become easier through this process. Over time you’ll be able to relate your topics to what other experts are saying and create one big ball of advice for your audience. Ideally, your videos will just be added content to your already booming blog site!
Be Great!
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