Effective Leadership Qualities from Donald Trump, the World Series, and The Pope

Leadership ConceptEffective leadership qualities are important whether you are a teacher, a business owner, an entrepreneur … or just a human, being.
Or are you just a human, doing?
Perhaps you are watching the World Series, The Donald Trump Show or you saw the Pope talk when he came to the US.

Effective Leadership Qualities in The World Series

Certainly from baseball you can see effective leadership qualities from the coaches, the managers, and the team captains. In order to even get to The World Series, a team, not just the individuals, have to play together and work together… as good or even better then the other teams.
But to actually win The World Series… takes talent, timing, a little bit of luck… and the ones in charge …. have to show effective leadership qualities for sure.
“You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.”~Babe Ruth

Effective Leadership Qualities and The Pope

Pope Francis has been spreading his wisdom on love, politics, and the economy … His style is certainly different then most of the folks who speak on the same topics. He demonstrates effective leadership qualities with compassion, and, with assertiveness.
“The time has come for religious leaders to cooperate more effectively in the work of healing wounds, resolving conflicts and pursuing peace.”~Pope-Francis
He goes on to say “Humanity is served by wealth, not ruled by it”

Effective Leadership Qualities and Donald Trump

Then theres the Donald…
Now you must have effective leadership qualities to even run for President… but to be president – now that is a whole new ball game.
Donald Trump… like him or hate him … he did graduate from The Military Academy. He has effective leadership qualities, as brash as he is.
He says “A good leader should always think big as well. As Goethe once said, Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men. If you’re a leader and you wish to speak to people’s hearts, remember that you have to think big!”
So whether you have a “J.O.B”, or you are an entrepreneur … or you are just watching the World Series on TV… leadership is all around you …
… what are your favorite effective leadership qualities?
to your success
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  • Sam Kern January 13, 2016 at 2:19 pm

    How motivating! Thanks for this Drew!