Effective Sales Techniques – Part 2

We’ve recently discussed Effective Sales Techniques in this post. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out!
Yes sales is a numbers game. But it is a lot more then that. Being effective in sales takes time, patience, practice and dedication. It is a craft, an art and a science. Until you learn effective sales techniques – you’ll have to put in a lot more numbers. In other words, you’ll have to make more presentations. What you lack in sales skills and sales techniques you have to make in numbers. Sales will take you a season to get acquainted, a season to learn and a lifetime to master.

3 (More!) Effective Sales Techniques

  1. Feel – Felt – Found This is old school. But it works. This effective sales technique is classic, and to this day, when used properly can be very effective. It shows empathy and understanding. But it still moves someone through the process. “I understand how you feel (empathy and connection). I felt the same way (we are the same). But what I found is …. (Your opportunity to offer benefits again, or go for the close). Feel, felt, found is a technique that every sales professional should have.
  2. Just Curious This is one of my favorite sales techniques. When you use the words just curious, they are totally disarming. People generally won’t expect a sales pitch or presentation. In my 25 year sales career, and in my 15 year network marketing career, I’ll often use this sales technique. Just curious, are you the type of person that keeps option open for additional streams of income? If you are email me here.
  3. Stop Talking too much One of the oldest sales philosophies is the 70/30 rule. So often and especially in the beginning of a relationship, salespeople think they need to be doing all the talking, when they should be listening and asking questions. Keep in mind, if a prospect wanted a rundown of your products or services, he or she could just visit your website. The sales process is a conversation, and an honest and open one at that.

Master these effective sales techniques and be well on your way to success!

I hope you got some value out of these effective sales techniques. I’d love to head your thoughts. Join the conversation, what are your favorite and most effective sales techniques?
To your success –
Your sales and network marketing coach,
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