Effective Sales Techniques

I find that the more and more I am involved in this game, the more fun it is.  Sales is actually quite a simple process.  Its a game.  There are specific tips and strategies to use, over and over and over, that will serve you and your teams for a very long time.  The better you get at marketing, the easier your sales process will be.  Through out my 20 + years of sales and marketing I found there are 5 most effective sales techniques that can help anyone in any profession.
New or seasoned, these effective sales techniques will help you get more presentations, more appointments, and – more sales.  When you are out and about in the market place, you are always… always… focusing on THEM.  They don’t care what your story is until your story can help THEM.  They don’ care what you are selling until they know it can help THEM.  BE solutions based, and you will help solve problems.  Be sales based and you will scare people.
Here are 5 effective sales techniques that can help you grow your business.

 5 Effective Sales Techniques

1) Be Genuinely Enthusiastic – Sharing your products and services is fun because you believe in them.  You know they will help people. When you feel fantastic, and you are being authentic, you will want to tell everyone.  Enthusiasm is contagious!
2) Eye Contact – If you are talking with someone in person, eye contact is essential. Although you may be listening intently, if you do not have eye contact, it can appear that you are distracted, bored or nervous.  If you struggle with eye contact, start conversations with your family members or friends as practice.
3) Smile – Whether you are on the phone or in person, smiling makes all the difference.  People enjoy the company of nice people.  People will be attracted to you if you smile at them.   I have a mirror on my desk, I am always smiling when I am on the phone.  People can actually hear that.  Smile before you dial.
4) Listen – Often times when you are getting excited to share something you can suffer from “verbal vomit”.  Be sure to listen to what the other person is telling you.  Usually  they will tell you what they’re looking for or want; all you need to do is listen.
5) Don’t Oversell!! – Chances are you believe in  your product or service.  Is it good enough to tell the truth?  I hope so … If it is good enough then you don’t have to hype it.  Or exaggerate.  Your job is to connect with people you know and meet.  Use the tools.  Im sure your company has good videos or audios or brochures.  Let the tools be the message, you just become a good messenger.  People like to “buy” but they don’t want to be “sold”.  Have a good conversation, do your presentation, then at the end… say this, “May I make a recommendation”?.  Then recommend that they take action.
so there you have it..

5 Effective Sales Techniques

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