Facebook content strategy tips: Know your voice

Stef, one of Drew’s other fantastic interns has been learning how to utilize Facebook for maximum engagement and success. She spent time reading training by Pat Parkinson of PostPlanner.com. His articles have helped our team a lot and I know they will help you succeed as well.

Steps to improve your Facebook content

The first step is to know your voice. Voice is like a character you slip into and is always consistent. Your audience should know what to expect when they read your content.

Four steps to finding your voice

  1. Identify your “always” and “nevers.” I like to describe my company as always respectful, never snarky, always inclusive and never know-it-all. How would you describe your company?
  2. Identify your top three attributes or three important things you would like to communicate to your audience. This should be a list of words your brand should always express; the simpler, the better.
  3. Identify your target audience. What are their needs, wants, questions and concerns? If you don’t completely understand your audience, how do you expect to serve their needs and provide the quality service they deserve? You should emphasize your attributes to align with your target audience.
  4. Change your tone to match your audiences. Your voice is consistent, but your tone should change with different situations and audiences. This includes style of enunciation, choice of words and length of sentences. Changing tone is natural and humanizing.

Utilize these Facebook content strategy tips to improve your communication efficacy. Do you have any other Facebook strategy tips? Leave a comment on this post with tips that work best for you. Get ready for part II of this post to learn the next step to improve your Facebook content.