The X Factor, RockStar Marketing, and Creating an MLM Fortune

The X Factor

The X Factor

The X Factor is one of the most talked about reality TV shows in history. It’s not just about being a singer, it’s not even about being a great singer, it’s about the X Factor. What is it that makes you different? Why are you unique? In business – it’s what is your USP – your Unique Selling Proposition.
I am on my way to RockStar Marketing Bootcamp to see my partner and friend, Craig Duswalt. After touring with Air Supply and Guns & Roses he opened up RockStar Marketing…How to be a RockStar in your Industry. That’s right! The X Factor, for marketing! With 20 years of Rock & Roll he went into business…but he also went into MLM….and more specifically he joined our growing team at Isagenix.

The X Factor!

In MLM – network marketing – there are a lot of great companies out there, but what makes yours different? There are also a lot of great networkers out there…but what makes YOU different?
If you are new to the game, how well do you know your company story, product line, and comp plan? If you have been around for a while how do you convey your story so it is compelling? And more importantly, how do you get people to take action and join?
Here’s an example of what I mean. It was 7:47 am. I had been up since 5am. I was boarding the plane and the man in front of me was reading a book on health. All I said was “that looks like an interesting book”….and found out he was on his way to his national convention – yup…a network marketing national convention. He was a landscaper from Maine and introduced himself as “Buzz”.
Buzz has been in network marketing for 18 months. That’s it. That’s all I found out. I got his website, wished him a good flight and suggested we find each other on the plane. I asked him if his website had all his contact info, and he said yes. And we parted ways.
In my latest book, You Online,You Offline – How to Make a Fortune in Network Marketing, I teach an 8 step process to 6 figures (you’ll have to get the book when it’s available – I’m releasing it this weekend! – for all 8 steps…):

  1. Stranger to hello. Check. That was easy.
  2. Hello to are you open? Are you open to a new relationship, a way to make some extra money, a side project? NOT are you interested….are you open?

Well, that’s where we parted ways. We didn’t actually complete Step 2. Had we advanced through Step 2, I would have gone to Step 3 (Make an Appointment). Am I a prospect for him? Is he a prospect for me? Not sure yet, we have not gotten that far yet.
Now what? I got to my seat and went to his website. Company replicated site. No X Factor. Can you make a lot of money with a company replicated site? Maybe. I don’t do that – not anymore. I now lead with Why? The X Factor.
Then I tried to find him on Facebook. I couldn’t find him. Hmmm- red flag. I will try again from a computer when I land, rather than my first go around on my iPhone. I Facebooked him (yes, it’s actually a verb). I Facebook most people as I begin a relationship with them.
I took two more action steps – all within minutes of meeting him, mind you. I hit the contact button on his site – congratulated him on his commitment to health, wealth, and wellness. Complimented his company as one of the best, wished him luck at his convention, and encouraged him to contact me after his event to let me know how it went. Next step, I emailed him. The email message said that it was great to meet him on the plane, quoted a line out of my book – “network marketing can be an expensive hobby or a lucrative business” – and invited him to check out and, as a gift, I would send him a copy of my ebook – which helps networkers achieve the income they deserve.

So, does he have the X Factor? Do I?

Perhaps we both do. Perhaps neither of us do. But my intention this week is to surround myself with those looking for the secret…the secret to becoming a RockStar in their industry…surrounded by people who want to be a RockStar – and make it big in life and big in business. I get to speak in front of 300+ entrepreneurs, sales pros, and network marketers at the RockStar Marketing Bootcamp.
I think I just found my topic – The X Factor.
I’ll let you know how it goes. Stay tuned for tweets, posts, and blogs from RockStar Marketing Bootcamp in LA.
Do you have The X Factor? If you do, I might have a place for you on my team. Do you have a burning desire to make it and make it BIG? Are you ready to join the dream team, improve your health, wealth, and free time? Do you want the opportunity to work with RockStar Marketer Craig Duswalt?
Give me a call…on my cell – 917 226 6901. Show me you have the X Factor and I’ll show you how to create a fortune in network marketing.
– Drew

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