Feeling Empowered….

These are the words from one of my mentors, Patricia Moreno.  She is brilliant, gorgeous, and has created a program that combines breath, spirit, affirmations, and exercise.  Get to know her if you can.  Tell her I recommended her.  She ROCKS!!!

When was the last time you caught yourself in the middle of a negative thought or mood but successfully shifted your perspective? Did you feel empowered? Claiming our power to choose what and how we think is a key step on your personal path to empowerment.
I chose the theme of empowerment this month in order to help us all look honestly at the areas of our lives in which we are giving up our power. Anytime we allow ourselves to feel victimized by another person or by a set of circumstances, we are deflating our personal power.
We often forget that we ALWAYS possess the unique power to make a deliberate and positive shift in perspective. Being empowered means feeling passionate, strong, confident, and at peace. When we feel this way, we know that life is not happening to us, but that we are the masters of our fate.
The intenSati method teaches us to claim our power consciously in order to promote our best health and well-being. With every such deliberate choice, we feel more and more empowered.
The question is, will you train yourself to make the choices that best support your health, well-being, and happiness? Try walking around for a few days feeling strong, confident, and happy, believing that life is good, and that every challenge is actually presenting itself for our benefit. Such confidence radiates, and the world will seem to open up in ways we couldn’t have imagined.
We may not be able to immediately change the concrete circumstances of our lives, but we can always change our perceptions and reactions… and in that choice lies the opportunity to lead an empowered life.
Know that the challenges we face are all perfectly placed for us to gain greater strength.

To learn more about Patricia, you can visit her online at www.patriciamoreno.com. Thanks, Patricia for all you do.