Finding the Right Company: Decision Making in Network Marketing Pt. 2

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With any business that you get into (especially with how bad the economy is today) it is absolutely critical that you make sure you go into the right one.
Now obviously I am not just talking about finding a company that will pay you nicely, (although we all want that, don’t we?) I am talking about a company that will support and assist you as you have done for them.
If you have been reading my blog posts lately, some of this may sound a bit familiar to you. That’s right people, you guessed it! This is another one of my “Part Two” posts.
For those of you who are unfamiliar to my “Part Two’s” they are the sequals (if you will) to some of my previous blog posts throughout the year. I try to go back through some of my favorites and reiterate some of the stronger advice I give to up-and-coming entrepreneurs.
Today’s topic is decision making in network marketing. Let’s go back through some of my original points from my first post shall we?
In my previous “Finding the Right Company”, blog, I talked about how research is an essential part of good decision making when it comes to one’s career path.

“Research the company – How long have they been around? What are they selling? Is it consumable? If a company has only been around for as long as it takes your clothes to go through the spin cycle in your washing machine, it would be safe to avoid them and look into another.”

Another point I brought up is to never be a hypocrite. DO NOT try to sell or talk someone into a product that you would never purchase yourself or that you do not have any faith in. Honestly, if you do not have any faith in what you are selling or in the company itself, then you should not be working for them.

“If you are going into the field of network marketing, it can be assumed it is because you believe in the profession and love it with every fiber of your being. The same thing should apply for not only the company you choose to work for but also with the product you are helping to sell. When a person has faith in something or truly believes in its value, that love shows; you can hear it in that person’s voice, see it in their face, and you can feel their enthusiasm radiating off them in waves. This kind of dedication does not just happen, therefore if one does not feel it, they should probably listen to their intuition telling them to run the other way. Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars, and do not get comfortable with that company. Keep looking.”

Lastly, another one of the things a person needs to look into is the CEO or head of the company. Make sure that you are not working for a Mrs. Bellum from The Powerpuff Girls or a Wizard Kelly from The Proud Family. Meaning if you have never seen the face of the leader of the organization or met them in person, (kind of like Wade from Kim Possible) then maybe you need to reconsider working for this person if they are not engaged in their own company.

” Another important detail one should consider when looking into network marketing companies is the engagement of the CEO and others that lead the company. Chances are if the leaders aren’t directly participating, then they won’t help lead you in the path to success. For example, if you are having trouble understanding the product and need help, if the CEO is not engaged personally, chances are he/she doesn’t understand the product either. Which leads to a rippling effect of no-no’s: the leaders have no genuine love for the product they are asking you to sell, they are unwilling and unable to teach you about it, therefore you can’t possibly have any belief in the product. All of these signs should point you back to the drawing board because that company is not the one.”

Trust yourself when it comes to big decisions like your future because only you know what you want and what company you want to associate with. You can never be wrong if you feel even the slightest bit of uncertainty.
Till next time guys!
Be Great!

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