Five Great Prospecting Questions

five great prospecting questionsIn today’s busy world, if you want to attract people to your business you need to have good prospecting questions.  As you are out and about in the market place whether you are marketing online or marketing offline, you want to be able to grab people’s attention.  When you are in conversations with potential business partners, possible new customers, or prospects you want to be able to engage them.  The best way to get people talking is by asking questions.  Sometimes your questions will just be rapport building, other times it will be fact finding and sometimes you will just come up with great prospecting questions.

Why the NEED for “great” prospecting questions?

People are busy.  They are engaged in many conversations daily.  When you meet them they are focused on their work, their next appointment, their family and other important topics that occupy their brain.  Then all of a sudden you walk into their life.  Perhaps its someone you already know. Maybe its someone you just met.  Perhaps its someone you just met on facebook.  A lot of networkers get so focused on their product or service that they forget how to engage people.  Here is a way you can create curiosity.  Follow these techniques and you will have more followers, create more friends, attract more leads and prospects, and convert more to join your business or buy your product.
When you are focused merely on selling, or talking about how great your company or your product is you will scare more people then you will attract them.  The best way to keep people engaged in a conversation, whether you are marketing online or marketing offline is to get them talking about themselves.  If they are talking about themselves, about their goals and desires and pains and challenges.. then they will think you are the best conversationalist at the party.  If you get them talking, even when you are on the phone, they will remember you.

5 GREAT prospecting questions

1) Do you think a part-time job would be better for you instead of a part-time business?
Most people don’t want to work part time at 65 years old working at Walmart.  But a lot of people have to. When you ask this question you will get your prospects thinking.  You will start to see the smoke coming out of their ears as the wheels are turning.
2) Is this your dream job or are you in between careers?
Whether someone is a banker or a waiter or a doctor you can ask this question.  You will be surprised at the answers
3) What would you do if you didn’t have to work anymore?
Ahhh.  This one will get them thinking.  And  talking.  Which is what you want.  When you get good at asking this question you will have your prospects teaching you how to recruit them.  This will give you their hot buttons.  It will teach you their interests and goals.  Once you know that, all you have to do is show them a solution.  Here’s a bonus question.  Ask them if they are serious or just joking around.  If they say I’d rather be golfing or skiing or sitting on a beach somewhere.  Ask em if they are serious or just joking around.  You’ll start to see a twinkle in their eyes.  Get them dreaming.  Then show them a solution.
4) If I can show you a way to make an extra $1,000 – $2,000 a month part time on the side, in this economy, that would help a little bit right?  That’s a ninja question right there.
5) Starting our own business would cost a lot of money … and is pretty risky, isn’t it?
Get them to agree, and then show them that they can actually start a business for not a lot of money and show them how it isn’t risky.
So… keep the conversations going.  Best way? Ask great prospecting questions.