Frank Sinatra: Entertainer Extraordinaire

Frank Sinatra on the cover of Time magazine
Frank Sinatra eyes captured our hearts more than seventy years ago, but his hold—on us as well as the entertainment industry—certainly hasn’t loosened. He was a man that came from humble, but interesting beginnings. With a fire fighter father (who also moonlighted as a boxer) and a politico mother (who also ran a free, but illegal abortion clinic out of her home) who is to say what the future held. He was expelled from high school less than fifty days into it and worked as a paperboy and a shipyard riveter before his musical career took off. He learned music by ear, but never learned how to read it. So how did he go from rowdy young man to the man we hear ringing in the New Year?

Frank Sinatra: Go Getter

By seizing his opportunities! After one of his vocalists left to launch his solo career, Tommy Dorsey offered Frank Sinatra a job that proved to be his big break. Dorsey’s gig offered him the visibility with both the American public and the entertainment moguls that he needed. From there he was able to make the connections that made his successful career possible. I bet he had some killer opening lines!

Frank Sinatra: Triple Threat

He’s known on every front: film, television and music. He has Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammys, and a Peabody just to name a few. What Frank Sinatra has done to, as well as in, the entertainment industry is extraordinary, a claim no more than a select few can make. From here to eternity Ol’ Blue Eyes will always remain.

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