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Hey there it’s Drew from and I’m here in Belize.

I am here in this amazing jungle lodge and as you can see behind me, we got exotic flowers from all over the world. Were heading out to this cave exploration where we are going to be doing this waterfall, jumping though caves. I am going with my 11 year old my wife and I are splitting up today. She is going with Noah my six year old and they’re doing like this cave tube exploring. So were at one of the coolest places, in my opinion, in the world in this Belizean jungle.
Before we go out to the beach, I just had a fast-hand conversation with these two [a couple in Belize], I guess they were born in 58′. So they are midst 50’s or 60’s, I can’t do the math right now, but they were Czech and in 1985 they were 23 years old and they are here at the Belizean resort.
They were 23 years old and they were on a tour from Czech and it was really different back then. It was 1985 and they were not allowed to travel outside of the country and they were dealing with some very serious socialism and communism and they knew they wanted to escape.

They couldn’t do it with a family, and they couldn’t do it with a spouse, and they couldn’t do it if they were dating.

So they were dating in secret, 23 or 25 years old, and they were on a tour and they were in Belgium for the night and they knew somewhere on the tour, they were going to try to escape. They knew they were going to try to escape to the U.S. or Canada or to Australia in the land of opportunity.
We were talking about communism and why she [the female Czech] wanted to escape and basically in communism, everyone works as much as they can or want to based on ability but everyone gets paid the same amount of money. So she said it squishes the human spirit because she was working hard, she was an educated woman, but her neighbors were not working hard and they got paid the same amount of money. So when they were in Belgium, they got their passports for the night to go on the tour, they instantly went to the train station.
They instantly got into Germany, they had no idea what was awaiting them whether it be authorities or jail or whatever. But the German’s brought them in because the checks were great to the Germans once Hitler took over. So they got from Germany, worked there for nine months, they were on the welfare system, and then got to Canada.
They are in Toronto now and we started talking about not only the escape but as Czech’s living in Toronto. And they are both educated but we are talking about socialism and communism and then not only is democracy an upgrade but entrepreneurialism where you can create.

So if you are in Canada or in the States, like I was born in New York, we are the lucky ones. We’re the blessed few.

We can earn what we choose and create where some people have to actually flee their governments with chance of jail or even worse just to have freedom.
So if you are an entrepreneur, remember the fight for freedom isn’t free. You know, people come to our countries because its the land of opportunity not because they were given jobs. They left good jobs but they came to the U.S. or Canada for the land of opportunity.So if you have opportunity and you are an entrepreneur the timing is right. It might be hard work but it’s worth it. For more information like this click here.
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  • Jonathan Ahn June 29, 2016 at 12:35 pm

    Great and inspiring story. We are all blessed to be in the position we are in every day and we should take full advantage and live everyday to the fullest! Great post Drew thanks for sharing.

  • Robb Corbett June 29, 2016 at 2:09 pm

    So cool man!! Have a great trip!

  • Adewale Adebusoye June 29, 2016 at 6:20 pm

    Very inspiring story. My takeaway is not to take simple things for granted. Thanks for sharing!

    • Drew July 6, 2016 at 3:54 pm

      ahhh that is an important lesson – i learned that today on the bike, nearly got myself squished by a car. All about gratitude today