Guest Post With Michael Sherman

Hi Folks!
I rode over 50 miles (1/2 in the rain) today. It was my final training day before the CT Challenge!
Today’s post is from a special guest – Michael Sherman…  Let me just ask you this: Are you a courageous lover?

I lead people to Truth and Beauty!

I lead people to Truth and Beauty!

Hey there folks – this is Michael Sherman, friend and colleague of Drew Berman.  I’m a personal coach and a relationship expert, and I’d like to let you know about some special things happening here in Nyack, NY at the Courageous Loving Center.
First of all, if any of you out there experience any of the following at all during the course of a day:  frustration, overwhelm, confusion, disconnection, and just plain old blahs — then we’ve got a little tonic for you.  TOMORROW ONLY (FRIDAY JULY 24th), my wife and business partner, Amy, is offering FREE 5 MINUTE “DIP INTO BLISS” PHONE CALLS.   All you have to do is watch this 3 minute video and then call Amy anytime tomorrow at (845) 641-8843.  She promises to shift your mood immediately.
If you are in and around the NY area,  we have a center up here in Nyack, NY (20 minutes north of the city) and offer workshops on personal growth and relationship training.  We’ve got 2 special healing workshops happening in the next two weekends.  Read below:

  • “Wake Up To Your Soul” – 3 Hour Workshop for Individuals and Couples – Discover the nature of your spiritual essence and find out who you really are deep, down inside.  Saturday, July 25th at 7pm OR Sunday, July 26th at 3pm, $20
  • “Courageous Breathing” – 3 Hour Workshop for Individuals and Couples – Become a more Powerful, empathic person with your breath.  Saturday, August 1st at 7pm, $20

Both workshops happen at the Courageous Loving Center – 10 South Broadway, Nyack NY 10960.   To RSVP or to find out more, call us at 845-653-1097 or email me at
We’ll have more to come in the future, including an Isagenix Business opportunity presentation happening on August 2nd in the afternoon.   Thanks so much for Drew for helping us get the word out about work.  Hope to hear from you soon.
— Warmly, Michael Sherman
Michael Sherman, MA, Imago Educator
Writer and Teacher
(845) 653-1097


The first thing that everyone is asked to do when they join a new company that is being built upon our network of people, is to ‘make a list’. Although it feels hard at first, it is really quite easy to make a list of family, friends and acquaintances from each of our circles of life in which we move and with whom we interact. The hard part is to not ‘make up the mind’ of these people for them; to not pre-judge them and take away an opportunity that they may actually be interested in.

I know a lot of people who, a few years back, were doing really well in the construction industry. Many of them were very busy and making great money. Not wealth money but they worked hard and were living a comfortable lifestyle. Most of them took great pride in proclaiming how busy they were. You see, in that industry, busy seems to be a symbol of how successful you are. Each time I'd run into a construction friend after not seeing them for months, I'd extend the normal salutation, "Hey, It's great to see you, how are you?" The response was always, "Phewww, BUSY!" Today, not so much...

As a small child you could flip instantly between laughter and tears. You’ve watched children do the same thing, jumping from tears to happiness. A toy, a bottle, or a video will distract them and, in an instant, they're happy. They know something you've forgotten. It's your best kept secret and you’ve hidden it so well, even you can’t find it! Take a deep breath while we journey back to your future to learn how to unleash your hidden power house and help fill your life with the abundance you so richly deserve.