Guest post with Robert Lawrence Friedman

My name is Robert Lawrence Friedman. I’m an entrepreneur, psychotherapist, speaker, and author. With the assistance of my brother, Dr. Jeffrey Friedman, a clinical psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist of 30 years, we designed a cutting-edge tool to help anyone who would like to stay on top of their game 24 hours, 7 days a week.
The inspiration for creating this tool was to assist fellow entrepreneurs maintain peak performance no matter what was going on around them. The tool is called Confidence On-Demand™. Confidence On-Demand™ is a software program that uses the latest technology in self-hypnosis to help you remember, revitalize, and reproduce those moments in your life when you were at your best.
If you could, at any moment of the day, remember yourself at your best, become your best self – would that be helpful for you as an entrepreneur?
How can an entrepreneur use Confidence On-Demand™? If, after 20 phone calls to prospects, you need a booster shot of positive emotions, open up Confidence On-Demand™. If, at any time, you find yourself drained of energy, open up Confidence On-Demand™ and, in a few minutes, you’ll be back in your peak energy and ready to share your positive feelings with your team, associates, and prospects.
But we didn’t stop there…

We also developed a program to help you stay relaxed during your day, no matter what is going on around you. Do you ever get stressed during your day? Do you ever wish you had a healthy way to relax anytime you wanted to? We created a software program called Relaxation On-Demand™, a multi-sensory, self-hypnotic software program to help you stay relaxed whenever you are stressed. One IBM executive described Relaxation On-Demand™ as “impactful, effective, and immediate.” Liquidnet Holdings, a global firm uses it in all of their offices.
We didn’t stop there either. We also knew that sometimes people experience pain and would rather not use medication. Using the latest technology in hypno-analgesic inductions, we use real-time images, relaxing music, and calming sounds to help anyone with any type of pain.
If you could have confidence anytime you needed it throughout your day, relaxation anytime you needed it throughout your day, and pain relief, how much do you think that would be worth for you?
Do you think it would be worth $59.95? 179.95? 795.00?
Well, how about four dollars and ninety-five cents?
That’s what it would cost you – at least for our first month trial.
Afterward, it would be $29.95. Try it, let us know what you think.
Go to for this special trial offer.

Robert Lawrence Friedman
Stress Solutions, Inc.
66-22 Fleet Street, Suite 3L
Forest Hills, NY 11375
Work: 718-520-1794
Fax: 718-554-7686

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