Warning! Hardcore Sales Lesson Ahead

Warning Hardcore Sales Lessons AheadTwo things that happened today that just left me shaking my head. One, I was on a sales call and the partner with me on the call was nervous, very nervous. As a result, he would not stop talking. Second, I was approached by a salesman selling me waterless car wash in a can and when I asked him to close me on the sale, he made a few smart remarks and didn’t ask for the business again.

Situation number one, when a potential client is talking, never, and I mean never talk over them. Listen to what they are telling you. Allow the client to do the talking, nine times out of ten they will tell you exactly how to sell them. Remember, people care less how much you know until they know how much you care. LISTEN to them! My partner on the call was nervous, but he eventually caught himself and started following my lead allowing me to ask the proper questions that got the client talking. My associate answered some of the questions and ended each answer with another open ended question. Needless to say, we closed the deal and are looking forward to a long and lucrative partnership with our new client.
Situation number two, I was getting gas at a local station when I was approached by a young man selling waterless car wash, something I could use on occasion. He asked a few rapport building questions at the beginning when he did his cold approach which immediately caught my attention. He was effective because I had no interest in talking to him, but he broke the ice and pulled me into a conversation. He proceeded to talk about the merits of his product and then asked for the sale. His approach was mild with no pressure, but he soon gave up after I told him no three times. As he was walking away, I turned to him and said, “That’s it? You are giving up that easy?” He had no idea who I was or what I do for a living, but I just gave him permission to close on me some more. He didn’t seize the opportunity and I walked away empty handed. There is an unwritten rule in sales, it takes 5 no’s to get one yes! He had two more no’s to go before I handed him the money and he made the sale. He gave up too soon. And what’s worse, it was a product I could have used!
So how can you transfer these real life lessons to your business? Simple, next time you are on a sales call for your company, let the client do the talking. Let them uncover their path to the sale. Given enough time, they will tell you exactly how to sell them. Also, keep in mind, it takes 5 no’s to get one yes, so keep track of the number of rejections you have received before the client finally says yes. However, if you have the faith in your product the way I have faith in mine, don’t give up until they do say yes because I know that Isagenix changes people’s life on a daily basis and believe to the core of my being that everyone should be on this product.
Take these lessons and apply them to your business and see what happens! Start today!
Best to you in all you do!
– Drew