Health Benefits of Tea

What’s green, black, white and oolong all over? Just the most popular beverage in the world, after water that it. Cultivated from the plant Camellia sinensis, tea is not only popular but it is a drink for the ages. Tracing back the B.C. years it first originated in China, later spreading to Europe during the 16th century via merchant traders. So why is tea so popular? Well not only is it delicious, but it’s nutritious! Take a look at just a few of the health benefits tea has to offer.

Decreases likelihood for disease

Tea has healing powers due to its richness in antioxidants. Studies have suggested that tea has cancer-fighting properties, protecting against anything from lung to pancreatic cancer. If that wasn’t enough, tea drinkers have also been less likely to contract diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. And those are just the diseases that have studies to back up their conclusions.

Increases endurance

Catechins, compounds found in green tea, were found to delay exhaustion. Other compounds found in green tea have also been known to improve bone density as well as strength. Who knew tea was a great way to increase the effectiveness of your workout!

Helps fight free radicals

What are free radicals exactly? Without getting into the scientific explanation, they are basically molecules that can potentially destroy DNA and have also been linked cancer, heart disease and neurological degeneration. High in oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC), tea uses this in its quest against free radicals. Our bodies are designed to fight free radicals but sometimes they need a little help. And tea has the antioxidant power to do it.

Green tea extract protects against UV rays

Who knew that drinking something could have an effect on your tanning abilities? Well it’s not exactly drinking it (in the study they rubbed it on the subject’s skin) that helps with your sunburn per say, but it doesn’t hurt. Assisting with more than just UltraViolet radiation, tea helps combat all radiation by helping your skin bounce back from postexposure.

Helps with weight loss

Despite its caffeine content tea—green tea especially—is very hydrating. Not only that, but it also increases a process known as thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the generation of body heat due to digestion. This heat then causes your metabolism to speed up, meaning more calories burned and less pounds clinging to your waistline. If you’re trying to lose weight, try this in conjunction with your habitual tea drinking.


Tea is for everyone. Whether you’re in the market to lose weight or just looking to stay healthy, becoming a tea drinker is a good place to start. So fire up those kettles and let’s get some teat brewing!

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