Home Based Small Business Owners Believe

Fire island Transportation while my Home Based Small Business runs itself

Home Based Small Business Owners Believe

I just returned from a 5 day trip to Fire Island! Wow! A dream beach town in Long Island, NY with no cars, an ocean beach, and a bay beach; chillin’ with family and friends, and came home to an over $4,000 check and nearly 25 new people on my team. And no, I wasn’t out prospecting people in their bathing suits and no, I wasn’t on the phone or computer all day. In fact, I was eating crabs, out for a spin on a boat, watching the World Cup, and having a blast! When I’m on vacation, my home based small business runs itself!

When I got started in the network marketing industry over 10 years ago, did I believe I would actually, one day have this lifestyle? Well, not exactly. But what I learned over time, is that you must believe first, then the business will come. And THRIVE! And if you don’t have belief yet, you can borrow mine! I believe!!

Most people say, “show me the money, then I’ll believe.” “I want to try your products first, then I’ll believe.” “Once I see my first paycheck, then I’ll believe.” That’s like saying to the fire, give me some heat, and then I’ll put the wood in. No! You have to believe that the fireplace will give you a roaring fire…full of heat and light… But first you have to do your part. You have to get it started, bring over some twigs, get the sparks going. These would be like your customers/product users. Then you start bringing some sticks. Now you’ve got friends and family (or what is commonly referred to as your warm market). Can you imagine saying to your upline, “I don’t believe it works so I don’t want to tell the people I know yet.”

You gotta believe!

I spent a lot of time on this Fire Island Beach while my home based small business ran itself

My Wife and Son on a Fire Island beach

Take it from a very successful home based small business owner, this business works! Well ours does, and if you’re not getting the results you need, want, and expect – that’s right – expect!!!, then maybe it’s time you join our team. I’ll help you with belief. I will be helping a dozen people this year become high six-figure earners. Why can’t it be you. (By the way, if it’s not you, it certainly will be someone else!) It can be you, if you believe. If you believe that network marketing will truly get you to your promised land…then you have to believe it before it happens. This works just like an Olympic athlete believes his victory before he achieves it.

Back to the fire…

Everyone at Fire Island

Everyone at Fire Island

Imagine this. I believe in all my heart that you will give me heat. Because my belief is so strong, I will bring to you the big logs. The ones that will burn a long time. That is my contribution!

And now to your business. Oh wise upline…I do believe. I do! Because I believe that this incredible network marketing industry will give me financial and time freedom, I will bring to you my best logs….I will open up my Rolodex and find the sharpest, most influential people I know. I will ask your guidance on how to approach the people I know who have great skills and large spheres of influence.

If you need some help with belief and with your home based small business, our team can help you. If you are ready to really make some money in this business, I will help you.

I am looking for 2 people to run with right now. Call me tomorrow. Heck, call me today! I’ll speak with you directly. If it’s the right fit for both of us, we’ll make a great fire. And well make a great team.

Who’s it gonna be?

If you believe your time is now, it is…

Best to you!
– Drew

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  • Seth June 30, 2010 at 4:22 pm

    Looks like you had a great time enjoying LifeStyle! I can tell you all that this works. Please join us.

  • Dave June 30, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    To me, there's something about that first pic that spells lifestyle loud and clear. But lifestyle simply doesn't happen without belief that it can. The fact of the matter is that a home based small business is just like any other business out there but will succeed only with belief that it will and actions to back it up. Like Drew said above, believe first and take action to support that belief. Right on!