How to Create a Blog: Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools

How to Create a Blog Google Analytics Webmaster ToolsThe world of sales and marketing is changing. No longer can you simply hit the pavement and knock door to door in order to get leads. Technology has brought new forms of information and communication. Perhaps the most important form of technology for business is blogging. Why, do you ask?
Blogging can take your business from “just average” to multi-million dollar revenue every year! By putting out consistent content on your website, you can generate more leads! Let me repeat, when you have great content, you can make more money! In his course, “3 Minute Expert,” Ray Higdon teaches you how to use blogging to catapult your business into success!
At first, it can be hard to see results when you’re blogging and churning out content. Don’t give up! Think about paid advertising — what happens when you stop paying? It goes away! Blogging means that your content stays around the Internet forever and can continue to generate leads and revenue long after they are posted!
By learning how to create a blog correctly, you can be sure to intercept online traffic. People always do research about product or services online before they buy — by learning blogging skills, you can make sure that your business is a part of this research!

Now that you know why you should blog, let’s talk about how to create a blog…

So now it’s time to set up your blog. It’s time to generate those leads and crank out the content! This is the kind of stuff you love; this is why you got into network marketing! But wait, you have no idea where to even begin…
Lucky for you, you can hire people to do that! In Ray’s course, you can learn how to find people to help you with your blog. There are three great sites to find workers: UpWork, eLance, and Fiverr.
On these sites, you can create a job posting for what you want done specifically. Need some basic graphics? How about setting up your WordPress? Just create and account and get searching for your expert! You can also seek out freelancers through advanced search settings.
Be sure to remember that you are hiring this person! You need to make sure that they are a right fit for you and the work that you need done. It’s probably best to have someone who is native in the language that you’ll be writing in. A language barrier can create some holes in your blog. It also might be safer to go with a worker that has some experience in what you need done. Try to search for someone with intermediate or expert experience!
Blogging can be an overwhelming experience at first — don’t worry! Check out UpWork, eLance, or Fiverr to get the help you need to set up your blog! Learning how to create a blog is nothing that you can’t handle!

Using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to optimize your blog…

Okay now you have your blog set up… things are looking good! The next step in becoming a successful blogger is to have some sort of website traffic tracker. You need to be able to see who is coming to your blog and what they are doing!
One of the most widely used platforms is Google Analytics. In his “3 Minute Expert” course on blogging, Ray Higdon goes step by step on how to set up an account. It is a very simple set up, but you will be able to get so much out of it!
Step 1: Log into GA with your Gmail account (get one if you don’t have one!)
Step 2: Make sure you select the website tab
Step 3: Fill out all of the appropriate blanks
Step 4: Click “Get Your ID”
Step 5: Paste the generated code into the footer of your new blog!
That’s it! You’re done! Be sure to remember that it takes about 12-24 hours for it to start working and tracking data!
Google offers so many tools to help your website and blog grow into a massive success! Now, lets talk about how to set up Google Webmaster Tools. In Ray’s course, the steps to setting this up are laid out in an easy to understand fashion.
Step 1: Log into GWT with your Gmail account (get one if you don’t have one!)
Step 2: Click add a property so that you can verify your website
Step 3: Input the URL for your website/blog
Step 4: Generate the HTML tag for ownership verification
Step 5: Copy the HTML code into the header of your website
Step 6: Save the code and then go back to GWT and click verify!
You’re done! But why do you need these things? Great question! These help you to maintain the health of your website and to optimize visibility. It is a great resource to help spread your blog and website!
If you need some more help on how to create a blog, Google Analytics, or Google Webmaster tools, please feel free to contact me directly. I will get back to you as soon as possible! If you got some value from this, or know someone that might, please feel free to like, share, or comment!
Be Great!
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