How to do a Three Way Call in Network Marketing

Drew Berman and Philip Sasso discuss how to do a three way callAs you traverse my 8 Steps to Success, you will likely need to learn how to do a Three Way Call. I had the pleasure of watching Philip Sasso present at a recent training session and, among many things, Philip covered the art of the Three Way Call.

If you don’t know Philip Sasso…yet!

Philip Sasso is a true champion in the world of Network Marketing. With over 20 years in the industry, and experience in several companies, Philip truly knows the ins and outs of our profession. He is a servant leader who loves his team, leads by example, and is committed to helping and supporting those around him. Philip builds his business from the ground up, and has mastered one of the essential basics of our industry – how to do a three way call. He not only has a great expertise, he builds and shares his knowledge with love and finesse. He can be relied on to help, support, and grow his team. Because of Philip and his knowledge and willingness to help, hundreds – thousands, rather – of people have been touched, moved, and inspired to success. Thanks Philip for all you do. Sit back and enjoy these lessons on the art and science of how to do a Three Way Call.

How to do a Three Way Call

In Step #4 in the aforementioned 8 Steps to Success, you will have the opportunity to utilize the Three Way Call technique. Whether you are a Network Marketing newbie or veteran, the Three Way Call never gets old or goes out of style. In fact, Kathy Coover suggests that if you are new to the business, it’s a good idea to have your upline on the phone as well at the very least since they are better equipped to handle any objections that might come up.
Nonetheless, think of 3 way calls as “on the job training”:

  • In our business you can “earn as you learn”
  • Most people can’t sell ice to Eskimos. An ice salesman is not duplicable.
  • Get to know all your upline leaders. If you don’t know who they are call the company and ask them who their upline Star Consultants and Executives are.
  • If you don’t learn how to do a Three Way Call, it will cost you $$$

Why learn how to do a Three Way Call?

How To Do A Three Way Call
Simple. It works.

  • In learning how to do a Three Way Call, a new person will increase their confidence in the business, helped by their upline’s knowledge.
  • Three Way Calls help to build team bond. We are a network. We should connect with as many people on our team above and below as we can.
  • Shows the prospect that they have a team to work with.
  • Teaches your new associates how to answer their new associates prospects questions.
  • Helps the new person think, “I can do this!”
  • It’s really important to know how to do a Three Way Call – and master it – for long-term business success.

Different Ways of How to do a Three Way Call

  • Make an appointment with your upline and prospect. See if you can get the prospect to view one of your company videos before you call your upline.
  • If you have someone who has a lot of questions right now you can say, “Those are great questions let see if I can get one of my mentors/business partners on the phone” […so I can hear how they answer your questions]. 🙂
  • You can do a Three Way Call with a prospect and one of Ron Reid’s 24/7 line recorded calls.

How to do a Three Way Call if you call your upline and get their message machine?

Most importantly, don’t panic! Don’t get frustrated. Keep cool. Stay…in…control!
If you call your upline and get their voicemail, leave a message like, “Hi (upline’s name)! This is (your name) and I have my friend on the line named (prospect’s name) and she had a few great questions about our products/company. (Prospect’s name), why don’t you leave your phone # and best time for (upline’s name) to reach you. Write down the time and see if you can call back with upline so you can learn from what your upline says. The idea here is that you want to learn from your upline so you can be a good upline support for your team!

How to do a Three Way Call in the Perfect World

  • You edify your upline support person. It builds your prospects respect for your upline and it makes the prospect feel like their time is well spent or maybe they might be missing out on something if they don’t meet the upline.
  • Let the upline do the talking. Don’t interrupt your upline. Trust them to say the right things. You don’t want the prospect thinking, “If this upline is so knowledgeable why are you interrupting him/her.”
  • You upline support person answers questions and helps direct the prospect to the tools or helps to sign up your prospect.
  • Your upline should edify you to the prospect. This way your prospect feels good about working with you. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

Final Points…

When you do a few Three Way Calls with one of your new downline, they will learn how to help their new downline how to do this and so on. When you have a big team it would very difficult to do Three Way Calls for everybody on your team. Teach your leaders how to do a Three Way Call the right way from the beginning so you can build a true residual business.
The best upline started out as the good students and learned how to be great teachers. Great teachers always remain good students.
Thank you Philip Sasso! And thank you, dear reader!
– Drew
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  • Lara February 16, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    Hi Drew,
    Loved the article, please share more! Thank you kindly.

  • David Emil Lombard February 17, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    The call you and Phillip did was spot on. I look forward to emailing this week’s live trainings out to our list in the next 12 hrs.

  • Donna Labe July 7, 2012 at 6:26 pm

    Can you give me the number for Ron Reids recording?

  • drew July 8, 2012 at 9:04 pm

    hey donna –
    ron’s replay line is 507 726 4114
    its HOT!! 9 options – all are 1 hour, except # 2 which is Jack Canfield from Chicken Soup which is a 4 minute overview

  • Mary Jane Driscoll October 21, 2015 at 3:04 pm

    Hi Drew,
    Good information. I feel like I can never review enough how to make a great three way call.

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