How To Improve Time Management In One Simple Step

I am constantly striving to learn how to improve time management. As a business owner, I need to be as efficient as I can be. In reality, everyone I know these days seems to be running ragged, rushing to get things done, and constantly complaining that they’re too busy.
True story: I was recently talking with a friend about time management. Let’s call him “Charlie.” Charlie said that he’s busy – again – when I asked what he has been up to. You see, Charlie is always busy. It’s almost like his modus operandi. In disbelief that anyone could be as busy as Charlie seems to be, I asked him, “Hey Charlie, are you really all that busy, all the time?” The conversation ventured off to other topics without a definitive answer to my question.
Days later, Charlie and I happened to connect again. He said that my question about how busy he said he was really stuck with him. During idle moments, exercise, etc, Charlie pondered the question, “Am I really that busy, all the time.” By extension, he continued his introspection with, “Why do I say I’m always busy?” Charlie explained that, after much thought and discussion, it turns out he’s really not busy all the time. He says he’s busy all the time as a habitual defense mechanism!
That’s some heavy introspection!
How To Improve Time ManagementBut I’d venture a guess that it’s not at all uncommon! In fact, it’s likely not even based on fact. For most people, it’s probably based on perception. Though many people say they’re busy, they’re probably not literally busy all the time.
Given that, yes, we all perceive that we’re busy. Of course, it’s subjective. Sure, there are people out there with a full plate; even overly full. Some really don’t have a full plate but take their time processing what they have. Some people have poor time management and take forever to get anything done. And then there is a whole lot of people somewhere in between.

How To Improve Time Management In One Simple Step

The best way to learn how to improve time management is to understand what needs to be done in what kind of time frame.
In order to manage time effectively, you need to understand what exactly needs to be done and, secondarily, by when. In just identifying your “task list,” you’re well ahead of the game. Then, based on when things are required to be done, do them. Adjust the list and repeat.
Improve your time management through methodical task list management. It’s as simple as that.

What do you think of the simplicity in how to improve time management?

I find that simple things are typically the things that get traction. The more complex the process, the less frequently it is followed, and the more frequently it fails. With simple task list management, your time management will quickly improve. And that is how to improve time management!
Now, next time someone says they’re “really busy,” dig a little deeper and you may find that you can help them a little more than you thought!
Best to you,