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how to improve time managementHow to improve time management. That is the question that is asked of me the most often. The better question is how to I manage my priorities. If you know how to manage your priorities, then you will know how to improve time management.
Regardless of your business, it is always important to manage your time wisely. We all want a good family and work balance, right?
In network marketing, which we often start as a part time business, is an important topic not only for beginners but for those who have been around for awhile too.
Whether you are part time or full time, when you learn how to improve time management you will improve your business.
Besides from how to get more leads, how to improve time management is the most important question you can ask.
Here is a very simple formula for you to get better at managing yourself in time.

How to Improve Time Management

A B C … It’s easy as 1 2 3
A – these are tasks that absolutely must be done. These are your highest priorities or your biggest income earners
B – these are projects or tasks that should be done
C – if you could accomplish or do these tasks or projects, it would be nice, perhaps helpful
D – these are the tasks that should be delegated
E – these are tasks that should be eliminated
how to improve time management
If you are serious about learning how to improve time management, then focus on tasks A B and C.
Although this is a simple formula, you will see great results and improvements in your time management
Hope you find this helpful

If you have any tips about how to improve time management, please share!

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