How to Make Money in Network Marketing – Tips from the Beach

how to make money in network marketingIf you want to learn how to make money in network marketing you want to follow some very basic principals.
Primarily, network marketing is a very simple business. But because we are dealing with humans, it can sometimes be difficult. There are 5 simple rules to follow if you want to know how to make money in network marketing. No matter what you have been taught, no matter where you come from, whether you are an Executive or a Janitor, these 5 simple rules will help you on your journey.

These 5 rules of how to make money in network marketing will not only help you…

…but will help your team as well. Some of this you may already have heard before. If that’s true, don’t fall into the “I know that trap”. There is a wide gap between knowing and doing… And I’d like to help you close that gap.
These 5 steps will not only help you learn how to make money in network marketing, it will help your team mates too.

5 Steps to Follow so You Can Make Money in Network Marketing

1) LEARN – not once, not sometimes, all the time. You’ve never “arrived” and there is always a next level. If you are just getting started learn from someone who gets their products for free. If you are making $500 a month learn from someone who is making $5,000 a month. If you are making 10 grand a month… and you want more… start talking with and learning from folks that are making 25 grand a month…
always a student – right?
2) IMPLEMENT – as odd as it might sound, some people don’t ever evolve to this step. Its learn learn and learn, read read and read… and never get anywhere. Some people come to every event, full of fun and enthusiasm, and never implement. Well… we love them, support them and understand that they are happy customers. Period. The next level is to implement what you learn.
3) TEACH – If you are a team of one, then teach the basics to someone who is about to join. If you have a team, and you hear something cool on a CD, teach your team. If you learn something from my blog… share it on facebook. You only have to give me credit the first time. If you learn, then you implement, then you teach … and you continue to do this – you will eventually learn how to make money in network marketing.
4) CONTRIBUTE – remember folks, if you really want to learn how to make money in network marketing – then it is essential to contribute to other peoples lives. Offer more solutions to more peoples problems. Help more people. Value more people. Give more value to more people. Do this, and you will create a following… which will help you make more money.
5) CONSISTENCY – it ain’t sexy but it sure pays well. Watch this video as I talk about the 5th and most important step in making money in network marketing
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