How to Manage Your Time Wisely

how to manage your time wiselyAs I travel the country, I get to meet people from all walks of life. And you know what? Everyone is busy. The other day I got an email that said “you are very unique, and so are a lot of other people”. I laugh, because almost every day someone tells me about how busy they are. And I agree, and then, I acknowledge that everyone is busy. And then they usually tell me that I don’t understand, and that they are really busy. I get it. But it is not how to be less busy, it’s how to manage your time wisely.
As I am helping people have a better lifestyle (better health + better wealth + time freedom) they often ask for time management tips. It’s not about managing time, it’s about how to manage your time effectively.
Most people operate out of what’s urgent and not important. This is the least effective use of time. It’s very reactionary. As we start working closely together we will focus more on creating and preparing, rather then repairing. If you want to know how to manage your time wisely, focus on what’s important … Not urgent. If you focus on what is important, you will rarely need to work on what’s urgent.
You can go to work from 9-5, and you can get rich from 5-9. That comes from J Paul Getty. Robert Kioysaki says he didn’t retire rich, he retired young to get rich.
how to manage your time wiselyMaybe getting rich isn’t your goal. Maybe it’s just wanting to know how to manage your time wisely, or more wisely. If your job is getting in the way of your life, there is a better way, if, you get good at prioritizing your time. If you love your job, and you work from passion and purpose, then you can do more of it the better you get at managing yourself in time. If you want to get out of your job, create an exit strategy or create some extra weekly income – then you can with the proper home based business. A lot of people these days are looking for additional streams of income. Some of the most popular ways are investing, Real Estate, and network marketing. Whatever you choose, you must learn how to manage your time wisely.
With the proper focus, attention, and desire… You can have better health, more time freedom, and more income. We all get 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We all want to earn more and play more. We all want our money to outlast our month. You -Can – Have – it – All ….If you can prioritize what’s important not urgent, live in prepare not repair and learn how learn how to manage your time wisely.
To your best year ever
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