How to Market Using Facebook

how to market using facebookPeople from all professions ask me How to Market Using Facebook.
There is one simple answer – don’t do it. What? I thought everyone wants to know how to market using Facebook. That’s right. People want to know. And most people do market on Facebook, they just do it the wrong way. Facebook is designed as social media, meaning people want to be social … They don’t want to buy things. Or do they?
Actually, there are some ways you can market using Facebook. If you are subtle, and a little stealth, you can attract more people then you can imagine.

3 Simple Ways to Market Using Facebook

  1. Engage Create interesting posts. Not necessarily post about your business or your product or service. Post things that are motivational, inspirational or funny. Use captions. Captions of kids, puppies and kittens, and horses tend to get a lot of likes. If you run out of ideas use Google. Type in “funny fb quotes” or “best inspirational posts for fb”. Obviously give credit where credit is due. When people like or comment on your post – like and comment back. Respond with a PM that says “thanks for liking my post, what are you up to” or something like that. Comment on some of their posts. This will help create relationships. Once you have relationships, you can then see if there is a want, need or desire for your product or service.
  2. Serve Help, teach, inspire …. If you can add value to people, they will start to like and trust you. What are you good at? Where are you an expert? What 3 problems does your product or service solve? Join a fb group where you can contribute your knowledge. If you sell screwdrivers join a construction group on fb. Give tips. 3 ways to use a screwdriver or 7 simple ideas to build something with no experience or 5 things that hardware stores don’t want you to know …. Get it? Create intrigue. Offer value. Then when the time is right …. And you get them to your landing page … Which creates a drip campaign – more on that later. I don’t necessarily want to teach you what to think, more how to think. If you want to know how to market using Facebook… Fly under the radar a little bit.
  3. Know your desired outcome People from all different professions ask me how to market using Facebook. From local businesses to real estate agents to network marketers. They all want to know. And I always ask what outcome do you seek? Do you want more customers or do you want a way to engage with your current customers? Do you want people to buy right from your fb page, or do you want to drive them to a web site, or to a Lead capture page? Do you want to learn the best strategies to market for free or are you willing to invest a little money to get targeted leads via pay per click or pay per view. Once I know your outcome I could better advise you. So next time we talk, tell me the outcome you seek, and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Til next time ….
Your network marketing fun coach – because network marketing should be fun
May you live long and prosper
PS – there are a lot of courses out there that teach how to market on Facebook. The best one I have seen is this one right here.