How to Market with Facebook: A Network Marketer's Guide

How to Market with Facebook

How to Market with Facebook

If you’re looking for a guide on how to market with Facebook, you’ve found it! Facebook has hundreds of millions of active users logging in every day. As a marketer, it is absolutely essential that you have a good understanding about how to market with Facebook. This post will guide you through some of the things you should and should not do when you market on Facebook.

How to Market with Facebook PPC

The arguably most productive way to market on Facebook is to use Facebook PPC (Pay-Per-Click). While this is certainly not for everyone and certainly does not guarantee leads, with the advertising platform still in its infancy, cost per clicks are relatively low and you can easily target your intended audience based on their likes and interests. It has never been much easier. Like I said before, however, Facebook PPC is not for everyone. The best thing to do if you wish to learn how to market with Facebook PPC is to invest in some training. There are many known strategies that can provide very specific direction. This is one of the very best Facebook PPC training programs I have discovered.
Moving on…

How to Market with Facebook by Building Relationships

While Facebook PPC might help you get your marketing campaign moving quickly, it is considered a short-term strategy. After all, once you stop paying, you stop marketing. An alternative, or at least parallel approach would be to actually build relationships and garner interest among those you have “friended”, much like you might do in an offline setting. Of course, Facebook scales in a very dynamic way, allowing you to reach vast numbers of “friends” in a very efficient manner.
As you learn how to market with Facebook, consider Facebook as a tool, a door perhaps, a means to engage. You can keep that door open all day, every day, without necessarily being there all the time. For example, you can post a status update with the intent of generating interest,

This just keeps happening…I woke up this morning and I feel absolutely awesome!

You can post status updates that state results or successes; be enthusiastic!

I just rode 26 miles on my bike as I begin my training for an upcoming race. First time this year and my legs felt like they could go at least another 10!

What you definitely do not want to do is post sales-like, negative, or depressing status updates. While that might garner some comments, you certainly do not want to become labeled as a “Debbie-Downer”.
Remember this important point as you learn how to market on Facebook: everything you do on Facebook is intentional. You want to create curiosity around your brand. If your brand is YOU or a specific product, don’t necessarily always blurt out that product. Refer to it as a product or system or something similar such that people are curious enough to ask something like,

Hey, what was that product you mentioned that you used to lose 3 pant sizes?

You should also think about who you are and what you want to represent on Facebook. This is your brand. Are you about adventure, love, family, leadership, bike ride, inspiration, gardening, fun? This list goes on but use your interests, your brand, to garner interest as well. Connect with people with similar interests. Build relationships around those interests while, at the same time, looking for opportunities to introduce your product. By the way, to learn more specifically about this, see my post about personal branding on Facebook.

How to Market with Facebook: The Engagement

The engagement is one of the most important parts of learning how to market with Facebook. The most important aspect is to not take one-on-one conversations to the next level in the public eye. In other words, use your personal email or Facebook’s private messaging system but do not expose your “secrets” as status updates or subsequent comments. This destroys the exact element that creates curiosity. Keep the interest alive.
During the engagement, address questions but be sure to keep the curiosity alive long enough to get your prospect (Yes, this person is a prospect at this point, just as if you met them on a plane, in a store, or at a BNI meeting!) to agree to an appointment or watch one of your company videos or other marketing material. The process continues just as if you met them face-to-face.

How to Market with Facebook: The Endless Cycle

As you continue to meet people on Facebook, build relationships with them, garner interest, and introduce them to your business, you will certainly begin building your team. Just as you had intentionally celebrated other things associated with your brand, celebrate the growth of your business and, at the same time, garner more interest:

I just helped another person take one step closer to improving their health!

It is truly an endless cycle!

Recent Changes that Affect How to Market with Facebook

If you’ve been on Facebook recently, you’ve certainly seen or heard that by the end of the month everyone will be automatically switched over to a Timeline-based view of a user’s Facebook experience. Every status update, picture, video, note, etc will show up and be accessible via the Timeline. Plus there are some additional page graphics that you can apply as part of the change. Use this to bolster your brand as it evolves over time.
I hope this help you see the opportunity as you learn how to market with Facebook. It’s a vast space.
– Drew
PS: If you are looking for more training on how to market with Facebook, be sure to check out this simple, free program right here that will uncover those secret Facebook tips and tricks!