How to Overcome Objections in Sales and Marketing – Part 2

IMG_9214If you are in business today, you are part of elite an community of movers and shakers. You stir the pot so to speak with your enthusiasm and your entrepreneurial spirit.
You may have read books on how to overcome objections, or perhaps you have attended a seminar or two.
You are ready for the next level. You are ready to close more business, make more sales, and make more money.
Whether you are in sales or marketing, RE or corporate, network marketing or affiliate marketing .. you must learn how to overcome objections.
Last week I gave 3 tips on how to overcome objections in sales and marketing that I know will help you triple your results, with a third of the effort. You can see that post right here.
Today we are going to go a little deeper. I’m going to share with you the rule of 4 that as a sales professional, or as a network marketer you deserve to know. This rule of 4 is essential whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro.
Once you start implementing this rule of 4, you will find that overcoming objections is even easier then you thought

To Overcome Objections in Sales and Marketing, just Answer These 4 Questions

  1. Who is your target market? And no, it’s not everybody. Even though you think everybody needs your product or service, it’s not true. Niche yourself rich.
  2. What is their challenge? If you know their need, want or desire… or even better, their pain, then you are well ahead of the game.
  3. What is your solution? When you know their pain, and you know you have a solution… you will hear less and less objections.
  4. How do you communicate your message? The better you get at this, you will get more people saying yes, and you will spend less time learning how to overcome objections.

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To your success
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