How to Overcome Objections in Sales From the Beach

How to overcome objections in sales from the beachIf you are in sales or marketing, you probably want to know how to overcome objections. Yes there are scripts and tips and techniques and answers that handle the most basic questions…. But the best way to learn how to overcome objections in sales, is to just be real. Be a good listener. Be concerned and caring about people. Don’t take things personally.
That being said, the better you get at selling or marketing or network marketing the easier it will be to handle objections. In fact, in order to get good, you have to put in the numbers. What we lack in skills, we have to make up in numbers. Jim Rohn said if you are a professional and close 9 out of 10, and I’m a rookie and sell 1 out of 10, then I will outsell you every week. You will do 10 appointments and sell 9, I’ll do 100 appointments and sell 10.
Network marketing, and sales in general is like playing poker…. With the ability to see the other persons cards. People are predictable. If you pay attention to people, you will notice that they act consistently. In sales you generally will find the same objections over and over. In Real Estate there are generally only 4 objections – too far, too small, too dark, too much. In network marketing there are generally only no time, no interest and no money.

How to Overcome Objections in Sales


Here is a simple 3 step process you can follow if you want to learn how to handle objections in sales

how to overcome objections in sales from the beach

  1. Study and learn I am writing this blog from Hilton Head, South Carolina from my company’s Top Achiever Event. I am a student of my profession. I take notes. I ask the opinions of other leaders. I attend events. I am a student first, a mentor second. The more committed I become, the less objections I get.
  2. Handle objections before they come up In your presentation, whether it be sales or network marketing, address the potential objection before it even comes up. Highlight it. Talk about it in your presentation. An example might be, “most people at this point wonder how they can afford it. Well if you look closely it will be easy because …(fill in company benefit or solution).” Or “now that you’ve seen the benefits of you are like most people you are thinking Sales secrets from a sharkhow will I have the time? Well what I have found is that when you do this …(now is your chance to wow em before they even object).
  3. Focus on Them If you take the attention off yourself, and stop trying to sell sell sell, you will have a lot more sales. If you focus on solving a problem, offering a solution, fulfilling a want or need, you will have a lot more sales, a lot more enrollments for your network marketing company, and you will be able to teach your team mates how to handle objections in sales.

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