How to Turn Objections Into Approvals

How To Turn Objections Into ApprovalsIn network marketing, you’re going to face your fair share of objections when it comes to getting prospects for your business. Let’s face it, not everyone is going to be interested…but that’s alright! Don’t get discouraged. As long as you’re making the effort to talk to as many people as you can, you’re headed in the right direction.
I’m here today to share tips on how to turn objections into approvals.The top three objections that arise in network marketing are: “it’s too expensive,” “I have no time,” and “I’m not interested.”
Let’s work with “it’s too expensive” first. The key to dealing with this issue is to market down. What I mean is…let’s say your business offers different starter packs, each priced at $1,000, $500, and $300. Rather than to start with the lowest starter pack, start off by mentioning the most expensive so that when your prospects object you can offer the lower priced options. It’s very logical really. You may be thinking that throwing big numbers at your prospects right away will scare them off but, if you look at it from a logical standpoint, you’ll see the reasoning behind it.
Let me explain. If you were to start off with your lowest price, you wouldn’t have any other alternate options to show them. This instantly closes the window for approval. But, if you were to offer them the lower option AFTER you’ve offered the highest option, chances are they’ll probably accept. The less expensive option sounds more appealing because it’s standing against a larger sum of money. This sounds so simple right? Well yes, it really is. It’s all about how you frame your pitch. So remember, start off high.
Next, let’s deal with “I’m not interested.” The best way to approach this objection is by having a relay of questions between you and your prospect. Make sure that for every response they give, you ask a question back. It’s very important that they understand your motives and you understand what’s causing their hesitation. You have to make sure to be the expert. Being honest and open allows your prospect to value your effort. Prospects will follow you if you manage to charm them. Even if they don’t want to buy your product, try selling the business aspect of network marketing to them.
Be the expert! People will want to join you, to be associated with you if they believe they can learn and gain from you. Chances are if they’ve stuck around to listen, they’re just waiting for you to show them that you’re worth their investment. Sometimes talking about the business aspect will attract your prospect more so than if you talk about the product you’re selling. Trust me, this works. It really is all about how you market yourself and create appeal.

I hope you found this helpful and that you really find a great technique to turn those objections into approvals.

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