Importance of Good Leadership

Are you a leader attracting leaders or a leader attracting followers?
Are you the leader that leaders are looking for? Or the leader that followers are looking for?

Why does being a leader of leader matters.

Whether you believe leaders are simply born or leaders evolve throughout their life and come into their own, you have to admit that there is a little “secret sauce” in a true leader. In Network Marketing, however, much as it is in any endeavor, it is far more efficient to attract leadership rather than create leadership. Building a ROCKSTAR team will happen much more quickly if any given individual is not bogged down hand-holding any other individual through their growth process. This is not meant to be cold, nor does it mean that there is no room for those going through their growth process in a leader’s team. Quite the contrary.

Duplicating Talent

Frequently, in Network Marketing, the notion of duplicating talent is bandied about. The reality is that cloning individuals has not yet come of age and no two people are – or ever will be – exactly alike. Leadership qualities, simply put, are not the same from person to person, and typically cannot be forced. In other words, no matter how hard one tries, nobody will ever see the exact same leadership and talent in one person as exists in another.
But there is an answer to the question of duplicity.
It’s in the tools, and the formulas, strategies, or processes with which those tools are used.
While tools can certainly be used in a variety of ways, with the right formula they can be powerful. And that is where leadership can shine. True leaders help others find their inner best in this way – by showing others the tools of the trade.
I’ve offered a couple of links above. The curious will have already clicked through to discover one of the tools that has truly allowed me to shine in my leadership. There will be folks that say, “this is not for me.” And they will have to seek other means to truly find their calling. I think you’re the type that will excel with the correct tools. Am I wrong? I certainly hope not!
Best to you in all you do,
– Drew

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