The Importance of an MLM Event

We all know that MLM events are key to being successful in the network marketing industry, as well as just about every other industry out there, but what exactly is it about an MLM event that makes it so important? That’s a great question! Not only are the latest strategies, products, and trade secrets shared but the more qualitative aspects abound as well – putting names to faces, building or rekindling relationships, networking with like-minded folks, and adding pictures of you and industry leaders to your portfolio! Attending an MLM event could be the defining moment between your business going through the roof or into the ground!

The MLM Event Strategy

Once you get to an MLM event, you need a strategy. What do you wish to learn? Who do you want to meet? Who wants to meet you? How will you make a lasting impression? The list goes on. Check out this video I cut recently at the No Excuses Summit MLM event in Las Vegas, NV. I share a millionaire secret tip for working MLM events.

But … I can’t make it to that MLM event…!

Now, you may hear all sorts of excuses as to why someone can’t go to any specific MLM event – “not enough time,” not enough money,” and “I’m just not all that interested.” :-) Wait, aren’t these the objections in sales that we, in the network marketing industry, deal with day in and day out? The irony! The fact of the matter is that nobody can and be expected to attend every event that exists in their industry. It’s important to assess each individual one based on perceived value and measure that against one’s ability to handle their personal responsibilities. Everyone knows the scary “personal responsibilities” part but the most often overlooked component here the assessment of “perceived value”. In most cases, take your perceived value and multiply it by 10. If you’re even considering going to an event – and taking the time to assess – it’s more than likely to be far more valuable for you to attend than to not attend. It’s as simple as that. Just go!

Drew and Mike at a recent MLM Event

Drew and Mike

OK, if you’re not yet convinced, check out what Mike Dillard had to say when I saw him at a recent MLM event…

Speaking of events, there is an event coming up that I am totally GEEKED UP about!!! This is the first MLSP (MyLeadSystemPRO) event, thrown by none other than the founders, Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale, and Todd Schlomer. The value that these guys bring to EVERYTHING they do is over the top – ALWAYS! Plus, they’re giving away over 5 hours of MLM training just to show some interest. Finally, they have a whole host of potential prizes awaiting those who attend. WOW! Remember what I said about perceived value? This one is going to be to the moon! You deserve to be there. Get an idea of the value they give by checking out this training.

Best to you!
– Drew




  • Seth Lefferts July 30, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    I agree wholeheartedly about these events. Every time I attend one of them I come back all primed and pumped with what I heard and learned, but also by meeting all of the people and making new friends. Events are what generate excitement and energy that will take you through the next phase of growth in your business. Excellent!

  • Janet August 3, 2010 at 1:04 pm

    I learned years ago from Drew Berman The IMPORTANCE of an MLM Event. For me personally, I learn so much every time, not to mention I get re-committed every time I hear a new story or action someone took.

    Events build belief that I can do what I do while havin' fun & lovin' it!

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  • Peter Day December 11, 2011 at 1:03 pm

    Keep up the great value. Thanks!