In Your MLM Home Business, "What Do You Do?"

In MLM Home Business, The Team is the Key

The team holds the key to, What do you do?

As an MLM home business entrepreneur, have you ever been asked, “What do you do?” What was your response? “I’m in the network marketing industry,” “I’m a nutrition counselor,” “I’m a travel agent,” “I have an MLM home business,” “I teach people how to get wealthy”? What is it?
When I began my foray into the network marketing industry, the people I met who were already involved described it as the best and most lucrative industry to be in. Each individual felt that their MLM opportunity was the best and most rewarding company to align with. As it turn out, only a small number of companies in the network marketing industry actually provide what most are looking for. Certainly, a larger number do not. Unfortunately, I believe the industry has been its own worst enemy by way of portraying their products, companies, and ease of success in light of only a small number of successful individuals. With all that, think about how YOU would answer the question: “What do you do?”
Here is the problem…
None of the above responses to the question, “what do you do?” offer value. In fact, these basic replies may be responsible for reducing your offering to nearly 100% pure product and/or industry. If this is true, then why would any prospective consumer choose to base his or her decision to align with you on anything more than cost? Think about that.
When you believe you have answered the question “what do you do?” to your liking and, more importantly, to your customer’s satisfaction, you then need to differentiate yourself and your company in the marketplace in which you compete. This is not optional, you need to declare loud and clear what makes you different. Declare your brand. Brands carry tremendous weight with consumers.
To become benefactors of the investment in branding, you need to determine and truly understand what makes “you,” along with your product, unique and valuable to your customer. This differentiation could attract individuals who are interested in your company already. Your brand dictates why they should align with you rather than someone else. Who are you? What value do you offer?
Before you can market the value proposition that will propel your business, you may need feedback on how you are currently perceived. If you embrace self-improvement, as any MLM home business entrepreneur should, you need to understand where there is room for improvement and make a clear plan to fill the gaps – either on your own or through the alignment with an individual or team that has the skills you need to improve. Surely this will be uncomfortable if you are reluctant to face the truth. Nonetheless, it is the only way to move your MLM home business forward.
Some may suggest that highly successful people (industry aside) go it alone, no “alignment” needed. In a few cases, this is true. More often than not, however, and especially in the network marketing industry, behind the “you” in business there is a team that supports, challenges, encourages, and congratulates. Drew Berman’s team is a perfect example. If you happen to meet Drew’s internet network marketing team, you will learn that they each went through a similar painstaking growing process prior to aligning with each other. Coming through the other side, after a complete alignment with Drew and the team, each team member is clear about the business of high-tech and high-touch – the brand. You’ll rarely hear just about a network marketing company that they joined.
“Why,” you ask? It is likely because this visionary team of marketers recognize that the internet was a way to triple results in a third of the time. At the same time, they also realized that there’s little value in the high-tech approach of obtaining “numbers” in and of itself. The real value comes in connecting with people on a more intimate level. Just as you cannot amass fortunes in the network marketing industry by going it alone, the high-tech/high-touch strategy can’t be achieved alone. It requires a team. It requires a team of passionate, driven, talented, and caring people. That’s precisely what Drew Berman has assembled.
If you are serious about joining that small percentage who reach financial success in the network marketing industry, then make “you” stand out by aligning with a well-organized support team, and ultimately creating your own. Take the first step by entering your contact information in the form to the right or below. You’ll receive value immediately in that you’ll receive Drew’s latest ebook, “Make Your Vision A Reality” where you can apply the skills Drew has used to propel himself to the short list of top MLM leaders. Also, as a special bonus, you’ll get access to weekly MLM training webinars where you can learn the tricks the elite marketers use to reach the coveted 100 leads a day! Enter your contact information now – begin your journey – find the answer, with 100% belief, to the question, “What do you do?”
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Mike Gruber.

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  • Kris February 22, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    So Drew, Kris here, what do you say you do? It didn’t quite answer that. Ps I’m in the same company you are in…

  • Drew February 22, 2012 at 9:31 pm

    Hey Kris – sometimes I lead with product and sometimes I lead with business. I’ll say “I teach people how to lose weight the new way” or “we help people make CEO income w/o a JOB” or “we show people how to stay young forever”
    – then I turn it back to them and say “what do you do”