Inspiration Drawn From "Beach Money" by Jordan Adler

MLM Marketing Advice - Beach Money by Jordan Adler

Beach Money by Jordan Adler

We’ve written about Jordan Adler’s book, Beach Money before; quite a while ago, in fact. After reading this post, check out another of my teammate’s perspectives in MLM Marketing Advice – Beach Money by Jordan Adler. Thanks! – Drew
After reading Beach Money by Jordan Adler for the first time, I felt truly inspired – all over again – by Network Marketing. You see, through Beach Money, Jordan Adler offers advice about Network Marketing, especially directed toward the newbie. Adler walks the reader through his early years in network marketing. Initially, he had very little and proceeded through the painful process of learning how to achieve MLM success. That journey included working with over ten different network marketing companies, realizing failure after failure.
It wasn’t until he joined his 12th network marketing company that things changed…for the better.

Beach Money describes Jordan Adler’s eventual turnaround

Finally realizing the errors in his ways, he began to create a successful MLM marketing strategy. This marketing strategy took him to an elite level in his network marketing company. His experiences seemed very real to me. I feel more sure and confident in my decision to join the network marketing industry. After all, check out this comparison:

Comparison of a traditional job and network marketing

Network Marketing
Boss decides pay increase No Boss (you decide pay increase)
Limited income potential Unlimited income potential
Linear income (paid once for work) Nonlinear income (get paid over and over for working once)
Stop working = stop getting paid Stop working = still get paid
Just a job (minimal personal growth) Personal development opportunities
Quit = stop getting paid Quit = still get paid
Go to job site Work from home
Your business or company owns you Total time freedom-work when you want
Work 30+ years to retirement Compress 30 years into 3-5 year to retirement
Vacation and sick days Vacation when you want

From looking at this comparison it shows how network marketing is a great opportunity for you to get involved in. Even though it may take a couple of years to really start to get it rolling, once you do you will actually see that the sky is the limit.
Are you open to a paradigm shift? Are you ready to move from the go to school, get a degree, find a job, work there forever, let your job own you and have limited time with your friends and family or to be your own boss, develop yourself, make as much money as you want, have passive income, have as much free time and family time as you want? If so, it all has to do with leverage.

“Beach Money” brings “Leverage” to mind

What is leverage? It’s about using the efforts of others and finding the right vehicle to reach your dreams. The JOB (journey of the broke) is the worst vehicle to becoming financially independent. CEO’s understand leverage…they leverage the work of potentially thousands under them to make millions. Example: You are going to take a trip from San Diego to New York City in January. You have a choice: take a moped, which will take a month, be very cold and hard on your body or take a airliner which will take 4 hours, be warm, comfortable and timely. If you choose the airliner, then you just leveraged technology, science and the efforts of others, just like a CEO.
What are you going to do? Continue the way of the Dodo or strike out on your own and reap the rewards. The choice is yours. Jordan Adler, in Beach Money, persevered and you can too. Join me, if you’re ready. Even if you’re just curious, my team and I can help you determine if you’re ready or not. Leave your contact information below or to the right and we’ll be in touch!
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Doug Southworth.

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Finally, if you haven’t ready Beach Money by Jordan Adler yet, I highly recommend it!