iPod, Therefore I Am

Are you trying to build a business?  Or are you building?  Are you busy being busy?  Busy will steal your life.  You are on the computer, on the phone, constantly multitasking.  What’s on your iPod?  Sports?  Music?  Are you learning another language?  Are you mastering your craft?  Are you a slave to your iPod, computer, PDA, and to your schedule?  Or are these tools used properly to help you be more efficient.  For a while there I would be typing away on my iPhone when my 4 year old was trying to get my attention.  Or my wife.  I am not perfect, but I certainly do it less than I used to.  I rarely do it anymore.  I have a great work/life balance.  I have hours of operation.  When I work, I work with focus.  I get things done.  Busy being busy is so 2008.  Today I am sitting in Marblehead, MA.  It’s the tail end of a trip to the Cape.  I am sitting on a lounge chair watching the sunset over the harbor.  I type this from my iPhone.  iPod therefore I am.