Is Multilevel Marketing a Scam? An Unexpected Perspective

Is Multilevel Marketing a Scam?

Is MLM a Scam?

You’re here because you’re looking for an answer to the age-old question, Is Multilevel Marketing a Scam? Perhaps you’ve been newly introduced to Multilevel Marketing (sometimes referred to as MLM or Network Marketing). Perhaps you’ve been an MLM skeptic for some time and you’re seeing if things have changed. Of course, you could just as easily be a big proponent of Multilevel Marketing and are looking for fodder to dispel. Here is your opportunity. Is Multilevel Marketing a scam?
Well, here is the dirty, low-down truth…

Is Multilevel Marketing a Scam?

YES! … And … No. You see – Is Multilevel Marketing a Scam? – it’s not a really easy question to answer, mostly because the answer is subjective. Some people that have “dabbled” (for days or years) with MLM – not a truly fair perspective from which to assess, to be fair – may feel they have been scammed due to their lack of success. Others may feel that MLM is entirely legitimate due to their success. The vast majority sit somewhere in between. One might argue, as a result, that those who fail feel Multilevel Marketing is a scam and those that succeed feel that it is legitimate. Is that entirely different from any money-related venture?
Here’s a similar scenario: someone gets their oil changed at the local jiffy-oil-change-shop. They’re told they need a new “this” and they need “that” changed as well. They leave the jiffy-oil-change-shop having spent much more than they budgeted. They felt scammed because perhaps they didn’t need a new “this” or changed “that”. While jiffy-oil-change-shop is a legitimate business to many, someone felt scammed.
It’s the same with Multilevel Marketing.
Now, to be fair, there probably are some less-than-legitimate Multilevel Marketing “opportunities” out there so you absolutely must do your due diligence before partnering with the “next greatest thing”. I don’t know any such questionable organizations off hand and I haven’t gotten burned – ever – in this industry. But I did my homework and, though I didn’t start my Multilevel Marketing “career” where I am today, I am certainly happy with my choices and am downright ecstatic to have partnered with a company as great as Isagenix today. Be sure to read my post, “Why Isagenix?” to understand my perspective.

Is Multilevel Marketing a Scam? As with all small business ventures, it is what you make of it.

Fact of the matter is that some small businesses succeed and become a Google or an Apple, while others can’t keep their doors open for an entire year. Is Multilevel Marketing a Scam? From some perspectives, it doesn’t even matter. You get out of your Multilevel Marketing business what you put into your Multilevel Marketing business. As a Multilevel Marketing Associate, Consultant, etc (different organizations have different terms for their distributors) you need to treat your business as a business, not a hobby. If you truly do, you will reap the rewards.
So, for me, the answer to the question, Is Multilevel Marketing a Scam? – it is absolutely not a scam. Multilevel Marketing is the real deal and holds the potential to support every dream you’re willing to chase.
Here is a great summary my teammate – Ellen Reach – wrote describing her “Pride in the Profession”. Think of Multilevel Marketing in comparison to other industries and career paths. She’s honest – giving you equal doses of good, bad, and ugly – but, suffice it to say, if she were asked the question, “Is Multilevel Marketing a Scam?” – well, see for yourself…
– Drew

The Multilevel Marketing Profession/Industry Has…

No Boss • No Employees • No long commutes • No traffic jams • No cost-of-entry barrier • No educational requirements • No previous experience necessary • Little to no overhead expenses • Little to no risk • No limits to growth • No begging for raises • No need for real estate capital • No barriers based on race, gender or age • No shipping • No inventory • No product development • Little to no customer service • Huge tax advantages • A supportive team that you choose and that chooses you – team mates who share common goals and dreams • A win/win/win for all.
Read this list. Read it again.
You know what most, if not all, of these advantages are! You have said them to yourself – I know I have – but when I saw them all listed in one place – almost taking up a whole page in Drew’s book – YouOnLine/YouOffLine – I was very impressed!
If you are speaking to someone about an income/business opportunity and they are not impressed with this list – the best word to use is NEXT – they just don’t get it and you are probably wasting too much time trying to convince them.
Print and post and carry this list – remind yourself how multilevel marketing can free you and those who come on board with you – to be able to do what they want, when they want, with whom they want, wherever they want!
And, to be sure, there is work involved. We don’t spring fully formed as a successful network marketer. We do have to go through the trials and errors, the growth and development, and the ups and downs/the highs and the lows. But for those of us who see the potential – who have the dream – who have the faith, trust and belief in ourselves, our company, our profession, our products – the future is bright and we keep on keeping on.
The only way to fail in Multilevel Marketing is to quit. If you don’t quit – if you stay in the game – if you say hi to just one more person, and then one more person, and one more person again – you will find those that feel the same as you do – and they will become best friends – business partners – people you want to walk on the beaches of the world with.
Remember what we have here – it’s a real honest to goodness way to live the life and lifestyle of your dreams. You deserve to make the time to make the dream come true.
Is Multilevel Marketing a Scam? No way!
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Ellen Reach. If you would like to contact Ellen, please contact her here.

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  • Laura Fox February 1, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    NO!! MLM is not a scam. I love this industry and all it has to offer. With amazing leaders like Drew, the sky is the limit! Plus, it has been an invaluable education and personal growth experience.