Is The Law of Attraction Real?

is the law of attraction realEven if you don’t believe in Gravity, it still works. Even if you don’t believe in the Law of Attraction, it still works. You bring about what you think about. You bring to your reality what you speak out loud. If you focus on what you have, you get more of what you have. If you focus on what you want, you get more of what you want. People ask me all the time, “Is the Law of Attraction real?
How do you think you found this website? There are hundreds, thousands, millions of websites … How did you find this one? Is it a coincidence that you are interested in the Law of Attraction and this post is about The Law of Attraction? Perhaps you weren’t consciously looking for the Law of Attraction today. Maybe this got emailed to you. How many emails did you receive today? … And you opened this one. The Law of Attraction is real. And it is powerful.
is the law of attraction realGuess what… The opposite is also true. It’s called the Law of Distraction. As you are thinking and speaking what you want, you are either attracting it or repelling it. All distractions are equal. One of my millionaire mentors taught me that. So ask yourself, “what is distracting me from getting what I want”?
Here is a simple practice to learn that will assist you on bringing towards you what you most desire. When I learned this, everything changed for me. Get a pen. Go into your quiet spot. What I’m about to share with you will assist you on getting more of what you want. Ready?…
… This one little question can give you the key to the vault. It can give you access to your highest power. It will create synergy between your desires and your actions.

Is the law of attraction real?

is the law of attraction realLet’s see…
…. Ask yourself this. On a regular basis. This will assist you with attracting your ideal mate, ideal business partner, ideal body … And a lot more
Is what I want
… And what I say…
…. And what I do – all in alignment?

Wow! When I learned this my whole life improved. I started living and being and doing and speaking with congruency. Everything started to shift. And it will for you as well.

Still questioning, “Is the Law of Attraction Real?”

Don’t believe the law of attraction is real? Well let’s talk about the opposite. Here are some examples of the antithesis of the laws of attraction
– as I’m eating a donut Im saying I want to lose weight
– as I see a pair of shoes I want I say I’ll never be able to afford it
– as I attend a leadership event I see the speakers on stage and think to myself they are the lucky ones, I’ll never be there
Get it?
You see the law of attraction is real, and, it exists every day. So remember this, you can bring forth that which does not yet exist. You bring about what you speak about.
Join the conversation …. Where have you witnessed the law of attraction being real?
To your abundance …
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PPS – Photos of text taken from Law of Attraction by Michael J Losier.