The Isagenix Cleanse – Phat and Happy!

The Isagenix Cleanse

The Isagenix Cleanse

Drew reviewed the Isagenix Cleanse previously but I (Seth) couldn’t help but to add my own, experience-based, two cents! You see, I was a slug (basically) who did get out and do some activities that get the heart pumping on occasion, but I realize that I am not the athlete that I see so many others being. I sit at a computer almost all day for every work day and my main exercise is running up and down the stairs about 20 or more times a day, usually to get some food or answer the doorbell. If I did it all at once I might get in really great aerobic shape, but I spread it out over the day and do it as necessary. I am mainly typing away. Not really a workout plan, wouldn’t you agree? So it comes as no surprise that I was weighing in at well over my ideal body weight and feeling sluggish most of the time. Then I came across the Isagenix Cleanse system.

The Isagenix Cleanse – Solving a Problem I Didn’t Have?!

Now, I wasn’t out there looking for a solution to a problem that I was acutely aware of and basically ignoring. I was looking for opportunities in home based businesses when I stumbled upon Isagenix. You see, it is only available through a referral program of Independent Associates. It is not in the stores, but I would never try anything that I see on the store shelves anyway. They are just not on my radar. I used to go through crash diets of starvation periods to remove excess pounds. Now I know the damage that I was actually doing to myself. So I came across the Isagenix Cleanse system and gave it a try, mainly because of the people who had introduced me to it. I trusted them and believed in what they had to say. Plus, if it proved to be a great product line, it may also become the answer to my home based business search. Still, seeing is believing.

Results UP, Pounds DOWN on the Isagenix Cleanse

Well, after one month I seemed to be missing 10 or more pounds. After two, another 10 had disappeared. Not surprisingly, I was feeling really great as well. I now have unbounded energy and have never seen the fat come back and I am 5’ 10” and 157 pounds. It’s been a year. I am at my ideal weight and I have not changed my eating pattern by a lot (just introduced the shakes and cleanse into my normal pattern and let them replace some of my meals). I am still sitting at a computer day in and day out, jogging up and down the stairs occasionally, doing the occasional out-to-dinner thing and enjoying my SB caramel macchiato daily. I know, I know, I have to take it to the next level and get some cardio going and some muscles growing. I feel the calling, and now I feel the energy to do so. OK. I am heading downstairs to my new Bowflex system right now. By the way, the Isagenix Cleanse system has also relieved my brother of 50 pounds in four months, my wife of 15, my parents of around 20 each, etc., etc., and I have not had to pay for it since my second month. Seeing IS believing!
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Seth Lefferts.

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  • Mike October 5, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    Wow Seth your post The Isagenix Cleanse – Phat and Happy was great. You lost that much weight, but hear and feel your new energy.