Isagenix and How to Market to Doctors

How to Market to DoctorsIn building your Isagenix business, is could be lucrative to market to doctors. Here is how to approach doctors and get them to listen!
On February 8, 2012, Ron Reid, one of the top Isagenix producers, interviewed Dr. Nick Messina, M.D., a member of the Isagenix medical doctor’s panel. Dr. Messina offered very compelling information and strategies on how to market to doctors, approaching medical doctors with your Isagenix business. He mentioned that one of the ways to go about this is to work with the receptionist, with the goal of developing a rapport with him/her. As many drug company’s have done in this past, offering to pay for lunch for the office staff is a great way to begin the process of creating a opening. This may just get your foot in the door, but there is much more to understand!

Countering Objections when you Market to Doctors

Dr. Messina offered a number of ways to countering objections by doctors, such as if the doctor objects to Isagenix products not being FDA-approved. For example, you could reasonably counter with the comment, “Oh, you mean like Vioxx?” Vioxx was a medication that was rushed to market, yet demonstrated numerous side effects and problems. Dr. Messina shared that the FDA has a historically low bar, and tend to rush drugs to the market.

Market to Doctors Using Your Existing Tools

Once a rapport is established, Dr. Messina suggests starting with some leading questions such as, “Is practicing medicine as satisfying as it was when you first got started?” and/or “Have your retirement plans been put off?” and/or “What is your exit strategy with medicine?”
Next, suggest that the medical doctor watch the “Are You Toxic” video. Follow up with your prospective business partner – the medical doctor – and ask what they liked best about the video, and how they could see it used in their practice.

Follow-up Questions are Key when you Market to Doctors

The next step when you market to doctors, Dr. Messina suggests asking, “If there existed a way that could improve your health, your wealth, that both benefits and improves your patient’s life, without causing your overhead to be increased, would you be open to at least learning about what it is?”
Dr. Messina also suggests that when you market to doctors, you might ask the doctor if he ever subscribes medication off-label. Off-label means that the medication had no clinical trials done to prove an effect. Dr. Messina mentioned that there are numerous drugs that doctors commonly prescribe which would fall in this category. When asked why a doctor would do that, the medical doctor would likely respond, simply, “because it works,’ in which case you would respond “so does Isagenix.”

Final Points to Make when you Market to Doctors

Dr. Messina said that, like everyone else, medical doctors want to make more money. He suggested that they can put a health-related question in their intake questionnaire that would screen patients out who are or are not interested in solutions like Isagenix. Additionally, doctors could cordon off an area of the the waiting room so that those patients who are interested could watch Isagenix videos for more information.
Note: Dr. Messina mentioned that there are certain states which have Kelly Laws, such as New Jersey, which prohibit doctors from earning revenue from their patients. It is important to be aware of this in your state.
Ultimately, Dr. Messina shared that you should advise the medical doctor that the nutritional industry is a multibillion dollar industry. Patients will take supplements whether or not they specifically offer it. The only question is, do you want to be a part of what their patients put into their body, or not.
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Robert Lawrence Friedman.

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In order to take your Isagenix business to the next level, be sure to market to doctors!


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