Why Isagenix?

From my point of view, there are three major company components to any network marketing or direct sales organization, not just Isagenix. These form the foundation of what really matters: the company, the founders, and the culture.

Isagenix, The Company

To me, Isagenix stands out from the crowd. We (I use We here since, after all, I am Isagenix!) take pride in the fact that we’re not like other network marketing business opportunities. We’re not a flash in the pan company run by a fly-by-night, here today/gone tomorrow management team. We’re committed to having the best compensation plan, affordable and effective products, systems that ensure retention, and the best culture of any company.
Isagenix is the ultimate transformation system to combat the toxins in our environment, improve body composition, slow the aging process and YES, create wealth. Our winning mix of innovative systems, experienced leaders, revolutionary products and generous compensation plan has produced more millionaires than any other network marketing company — and we’re just getting started.
Isagenix understands the enormous power of social marketing, so if it’s not right for the Associates, it’s not right for the company. As the direct link to consumers, Isagenix provides all the tools, training, and support Associates need to be successful.
Join us, and you will tap into a culture of growth, passion, fun and integrity that will bring out the best in you, and inspire you to help bring out the best in others.

The Isagenix Founders

Founder John Anderson and Co-Founders, Jim and Kathy Coover, were all retired when they were inspired to establish Isagenix, a company that could transform the health, wealth, and happiness of people in search of a better quality of life. Isagenix was born with success and experience at the helm!
Isagenix has experienced massive growth since it’s founding, because our leaders bring a unique combination of nutritional and direct-marketing experience and success to the company.

John Anderson

Master Formulator of Nutritional Supplements, John has worked as a private-label supplement manufacturer and formulator for more than 600 companies, creating more than 2,300 nutritional and weight-loss products.
His products are internationally recognized and respected as groundbreaking and incredibly effective. For Isagenix, John took the art of formulation to the highest level, creating revolutionary formulas that work.
“At Isagenix, we want the highest quality products for our Associates.” John Anderson, Founder and Formulator

Jim and Kathy Coover

Our vision is to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain, and in the process create the largest health-and-wellness company in the world.

Jim and Kathy Coover, Co-Founders, Direct-Marketing Innovators
Jim Coover, President and CEO of Isagenix, led one of the fastest-growing and most popular weight-loss companies in history, serving more than seven million customers and exceeding $1 billion dollars in sales.
As President of two successful Network Marketing companies and a sought-after consultant to many companies in the industry, Jim’s contributions have helped shape the Network Marketing industry. At Isagenix, he has been instrumental in creating the architecture of one of the most generous, simple and effective compensation plans in the industry.
Drew Berman with Jim Coover and Kathy Coover
Kathy Coover, Executive Vice President, is a nationally recognized and respected field leader and trainer in the Network Marketing industry. Since 1992, Kathy has become a top money-earner in three separate companies, generating millions in income. Her training and support systems tens of thousands of entrepreneurs achieve new levels of financial freedom.
Kathy is responsible for developing the most dynamic training system in the industry. An expert at training people to learn and duplicate proven selling techniques, Kathy has coached hundreds of thousands of Associates, who are responsible for driving Isagenix sales up an astonishing 1300% in just five years.

The Isagenix Culture

Isagenix has found that, and has based the entire organization on the following “equation”:

Innovative Systems * Experienced Leaders * Revolutionary Products = Explosive Growth

Our Product Systems improve health, while our Management and Compensation Systems help set our Associates free financially. Cleanse, Replenish and Revitalize is the founding principle behind our cutting-edge products. Cleansing helps keep the body healthy and is the missing link to supporting health and successful, long-term weight loss. Replenishing the body with nutrients helps to revitalize the body’s systems, leading to vibrant good health. Our Cleansing and Fat Burning System: 30-Day Supply includes revolutionary products that have helped hundreds of thousands with reaching their health and weight-loss goals.
Our Compensation System is among the most generous in the industry, and the easiest to understand. Executive Vice-President Kathy Coover’s goal is to create more six- and seven-figure income earners at Isagenix than any other company in the industry – and we’re well on our way! These two exciting systems create a powerful formula for unlimited success. The quality and effectiveness of our products ensures long-term use; while the compensation plan makes recruiting and enrolling new Associates easy.

Experienced Leaders

Isagenix’s Founder and Co-Founders are a Master Formulator in the nutritional industry, and two experienced Network Marketers who became millionaires and retired young before coming out of retirement. Who better to share proven techniques and systems to help you find financial freedom?

Revolutionary Products

Isagenix’s Cleanse for Life, Ionix Supreme and the other revolutionary formulas are of the highest quality and are very effective. No location is too far to fulfill the Isagenix no-compromise commitment to select the absolute best ingredients for our nutritional formulas. Our world-class research and development team ensures that all ingredients and products are engineered for safety, purity and potency. From weight loss to skin care to body-boosting supplements, with a Master Formulator who does not compromise on quality, our all-natural products help people reach a greater level of health and well-being.

The Perfect Balance for Success

In addition, Isagenix provides turnkey systems for success. Every Associate receives a professional Web site to help attract and capture new business, and has ready access to some of the most effective marketing materials in the industry. Isagenix is an unbeatable combination of product and opportunity that can help you to grow in health and wealth.
As current market trends come into perfect alignment with our innovative products and wealth-generating business opportunity, there’s no denying the value of what Isagenix has to offer:

  • Quality, science-based, natural products
  • Home-based business opportunity with one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry
  • Personal development and training
  • Brand that communicates authenticity, trust, respect and security

If you want to partner with a company that you’re proud of and with whom you trust, Isagenix is the one for you. Isagenix Values & Vision include Integrity, Freedom, Wellness, Family, Passion, Purpose, Personal Excellence, and No Compromise. Isagenix aims to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain, and in the process create the largest health-and-wellness company in the world. After all, if it’s not right for the Associates, it’s not right for the company.

Please, wont you join me on this incredible Isagenix journey?

– Drew Berman
Drew Berman