Jack Canfield Affirmations From the Beach

Jack Canfield affirmationsJack Canfield affirmations are different then the way most people use affirmations. He is the best selling author of Chicken Soup For the Soul and his recent best seller Success Principals is helping many people around the country and around the world. Jack and I recently had dinner together and I got the inside scoop on Jack Canfield Affirmations.
Jack and I spoke about affirmations and visualizations and why The Secret was such a success … And why a lot of people are still struggling.

Jack Canfield Affirmations 3-Part System

Jack Canfield affirmations and visualizations comes in a three part system. When you master these techniques you can manifest all that you want in life. Thoughts are things and what you focus on expands, what you focus on becomes real, what you focus on you become.
Of all that I love, admire and respect about Jack Canfield, affirmations are of the most important!

Want some behind the scenes wisdom about Jack Canfield affirmations?

It’s so brilliant I should charge for this 🙂
Here goes
1) Affirmations – have them written where you can see them. Jack likes index cards. Every morning as you get out of bed and every evening before bed, read your affirmations out loud with intention.
2) Visualize as if they are so – since the subconscious mind does not know the difference between real and imaginary, it is important to visualize your affirmations as if they are real.
3) Feel the feeling – I have learned so much from Jack Canfield. Affirmations are so important if you say the affirmation, visualize, then feel the feeling as if it is already true. The more you get into the emotional, the more you feel that your affirmations are already true… The quicker they will come true!
Thanks to Jack Canfield, affirmations have helped me and many others achieve our goals!
To your success,
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