John Maxwell Leadership

John Maxwell LeadershipJohn Maxwell …. Leadership! Period. John is known internationally for his trainings on leadership. I just had the pleasure of seeing him train in Las Vegas, and he joined us for a VIP luncheon.
John Maxwell leadership skills are all based on adding value and focusing on other people. His strategies and techniques are applicable in any business, and network marketing is no different.
He spoke about living intentionally, with purpose and by design.

John Maxwell Leadership Quote: If nothing changes, nothing changes!

One of my favorite John Maxwell leadership quotes is this: “If you want to change your life, you have to change your life. If nothing changes, nothing changes”
If you are building a network marketing team, a children’s soccer lead or your local charity fund raiser, John Maxwell leadership laws and techniques can help you!

John Maxwell Leadership Rule of 5

He spoke about the rule of 5. If you want to improve your business, or have more fun or make more money or hit a goal or all of the above …. Then follow this john Maxwell rule…. The rule of 5.
John Maxwell Leadership
Identify your goal, with as clear an intention as possible, and write down 5 action steps that will help you achieve that goal.
Do those 5 action steps, every day, until you hit your goal.
Sound simple right? The brilliance is in the simplicity.

John Maxwell Leadership Rule of the GAP

Here is another John Maxwell leadership rule …. The rule of the GAP
Says John Maxwell …”the greatest gap is between knowing and doing”
Things that make you go hmmmm
So that’s all for now about John Maxwell leadership skills and techniques …
… I’m heading back to the beach – check out this video for some more John Maxwell leadership success habits (I shot that video while riding bike to the beach….I’m glad I didn’t fall – lol)
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