Top 10 Reasons to Join an MLM Company

Join an MLMHere are the top 10 reasons to join an MLM or Network Marketing company. Face it, folks, the Network Marketing industry is here to stay and, in fact, it’s destined to grow by leaps and bounds as baby-boomers, 20-something’s, and everyone in between get more and more frustrated at a number of things that have simply gone wrong with the traditional workplace.
At the same time, some folks may simply be looking for additional streams of income. Slowly but surely, more and more “traditional” employees are experiencing lost jobs, closed offices, corporate downsizing, underemployment, and many other un-pleasantries associated with being an employee in an ailing economy. Slowly but surely, we, as a whole, are realizing that putting all our earning “eggs” in one basket (a single stream of income) could be a ticking time bomb with regards to your personal finances. Creating multiple streams of income could very well be the difference, during this economy, between losing a home and not.

Top 10 Reasons To Join an MLM

  • No Boss: Well, there’s not really no boss, per se. You’re the boss! As an entrepreneur, you set the hours, you write the rules, you break the rules, you create new rules! The fact of the matter is if you don’t like how something is done, you change it! Simply put. You’re totally empowered to be everything you can dream.
  • No begging for raises: If you wait for an entire year (or more, in most cases) for the opportunity to be reviewed for a raise, you can appreciate that if you join an MLM you have the opportunity to give yourself a raise every week! If you want to make more, add a new strategy, make more phone calls, meet more people. It’s a matter of strategy and numbers. Friends, no more begging!
  • No commute: Though you may have a passion for driving (or bus riding, train-going, or ferrying) few truly enjoy doing this twice a day, Monday through Friday. It eats up your precious time, costs an arm and a leg, and ultimately, there’s very little to show for that time and money spent. If you join an MLM, your commute could be like mine: 10 paces past the kitchen, down the hall, first door on the left! Sweet!
  • No traffic: If the fact that the time and fuel spent commuting isn’t enough, how many of us know what traffic is like? Well, if you’re one of the many unlucky commuters out there, you likely know how traffic makes a mediocre commute downright painful. Traffic could make a 1 hour commute, 2 hours. A traffic accident could make a 1 hour commute take all evening. Forget about seeing your kids off to bed, right? Can anyone relate? Join an MLM – there’s not much traffic from the bedroom to the home office! 🙂
  • Low or No investment: Today’s network marketing industry isn’t like that of decades ago. Very few network marketing companies require you to store inventory in your garage or trunk of your car to sell. Today’s network marketing industry is high-tech, with sophisticated, Internet-based ordering and fulfillment systems where associates can access product information, order, and have items shipped directly to their home! Start-up fees vary but are being pushed lower and lower through competition and efficiencies. There has been no better time to join an MLM!
  • No geographic limitations: While there may be limitations from one MLM to another – certain network marketing companies may not operate in certain countries, for example – the internet dissolves boundaries between small town and big city prospecting. Again, today’s network marketer can be just as competitive from Alaska as they can be from New York City!
  • Huge tax benefits: There is a significant difference between being an employee and being self-employed. I will not quote specific examples – that’s my accountant’s job 🙂 – but suffice it to say that as an employee, your paycheck is reduced by taxes before you pay for your expenses whereas as a self-employed home business owner you can reduce your income by a percentage of a number of costs associated with your home business – heat, electricity, and the list goes on – that you’re already paying for, before you pay taxes. Think about how this could affect your finances!
  • Extremely family friendly: Need to take a break to see your son’s first T-ball game? Is your daughter singing her debut choir solo? Does your spouse need you to stand in line at the DMV? 😉 There are a lot of things that you have to give up as an employee because they don’t align with the schedule, your employer’s office is too far away to allow for a quick trip to the school, etc. Having your own home business enables you to appreciate and take part in the glorious aspects of raising a family! Join an MLM and take part!
  • Potential for massive passive income: Most current network marketing compensation plans allow for the potential of substantial income. In fact, the network marketing industry boasts the most million dollar earners of all industries! You don’t have to be a CEO to create a CEO salary! Join an MLM and the potential is only limited by your own ability to dream!
  • Pick and choose the people you work: Some feel that network marketing is about badgering all your friends and family. That mindset is archaic. Attraction marketing has changed the face of network marketing, and empowers the new network marketer to pick and choose with whom they wish to work! No longer will you be set up with the office clown that offers nothing to the project. You choose who is in your team!

Given this, how can you afford to not join an MLM?

Today’s network marketing industry offers so much more than the single income stream, 9-to-6, heartless “job” we used to rely upon. Join an MLM and see the difference for yourself!
Wanna know more? Give me a call: 917-226-6901. Here at, we work with 6 and 7-figure-a-year marketers, both online and offline. We focus on lifestyle. Lifestyle = Better Health + Better Wealth + More Free Time. Which one are you working on?
Best to you!
– Drew
PS: Got any stories related to why you joined an MLM? I’d love to hear it – comment below!!!

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Network marketing is not for everyone. That said, these 10 reasons are just the tip of the iceberg! Join an MLM today and see for yourself!




  • Seth Lefferts June 15, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    Thanks, Drew!  I was making good money at a corporate job when the company was bought by a bigger (mess) of a company in Texas.  After commuting to TX every other week I was given a two month ‘package’ and sent on my way.  Lots of thanks there!  I really hated that last couple of years.
    I then consulted for a couple of years in the corporate realm and realized that I needed something way more under my control, so I looked around for a home-based MLM, found a juice company and joined.My idea was to capitalize on the Internet as a source of leads, so I looked in my search engine and found a bunch of people offering their systems for lead generation.  That is how I found YOU!  Your approach and personality won me over and I enrolled in MLSP and joined Isagenix – the very best company I could have ever found.  The rest of the last year and a half has been an amazing ride under your mentorship.  Thank you for always being there and for all that you do.  The dream is alive!Sincerely, Seth and Penny Lefferts

  • Luke Chandler April 8, 2012 at 1:30 pm

    Thanks Drew! These reasons are why many people need to look into joining an MLM/Network Marketing opportunity. That is why its called opportunity, right?