Las Vegas Convention Schedule

Last Vegas Convention ScheduleThe Las Vegas convention schedule is very common for all different types of businesses. If you are going to Vegas for business there are some guide lines, otherwise you will come back and the whole thing will be a blur.
There are 3 types of people, those that have been to Vegas and those who have not. Either way the place has the ability to make one go a little crazy – lets just say, Um, a lot of distractions.
If you go to a Las Vegas convention, schedule your time wisely. No matter where you go for a convention i’ll give you a very simple tip for note taking.
This way you can have fun, and get he most out of your convention. The Las Vegas convention schedule can be mixed with great food, world class entertainment, pool parties that go all day and night… And oh yeah by the way – there is the actual Las Vegas convention schedule.
If you are going there for business, for your annual network marketing event, or for a convention, here is a note taking skill you can use.
On the left hand side of your page, while taking notes, use these letters: A C T
A – apply
C – change
T – teach
As part of your Las Vegas Convention Schedule, make some time to review your notes after. With these letters in the left hand margin, rate your #1 priority for each. Then, as part of your Las Vegas convention schedule, implement for 1 month the #1 item or task to apply, change and teach. Then rank the #2 priority and the #3 priority. Implement #2 in the second month and #3 in the 3rd month … And viola – you have a 90 day plan!
So whether going to Las Vegas for your convention or anywhere else for that matter … Use this note taking system for your 90 day plan.
See ya in Vegas?
Let me check my schedule…!
To your success
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