Lead Conversion – Is Your Online Marketing All Dressed Up With No Place to Go?

Lead Conversion

Lead Conversion

Attraction Marketing is great. It makes sense! Build a Relationship with your list. Awesome! No more bothering friends and family. Hooray! The 3ft. rule stinks. You bet! But if you’re not converting your leads to customers then what good are all these trainings and courses that teach us to generate leads online? They don’t mean a thing and they waste our money if we can’t close. Here are some lead conversion tips for turning your leads into customers or distributors that actually produce revenue for you!

  1. You must have left your phone number for a reason – If a prospect puts a phone number into your capture box – call them! Yes, right away. Especially if the phone number was optional. Anybody who puts their real phone number into a capture box is begging for a call! Now, don’t put the hard close on them right away. You still have to build a relationship with them. Say something like, “I noticed that you put your phone number into the “work with me” box on my blog. I wanted to thank you for reaching out for more information and wanted to introduce myself to you. Did you have any questions at this point?” Obviously if they want to buy – sell them! But if you don’t hear a lot of questions or strong buying signals then back off and let them continue on through the next steps in your system.
  2. If they call you, you’ve got a hot lead – If they call you, take their call seriously. This is a great lead! At least you have to assume that it is. I recently called an online marketer who has been posting a lot of articles on Linked In. I called him at night and told him that I had written some books and had an email list of over 10,000 network-marketers. I said that I didn’t have time to talk but asked him to call me the next day about some questions that I had and gave him my private cell number. He never called me! What’s the purpose of posting articles everywhere, getting people to call you and then…not talking to them? If someone calls you as a result of your articles, take their call! Convert and Close them!
  3. Find out why they were inquiring – There is a question that should be uppermost in your mind when you are calling a lead and that is: “Why did they put their information into your lead capture system in the first place?” After introducing yourself your next move might sound like this, “Thanks, for responding to my ad and downloading the free e-book. Was there something about the ad that made you want the e-book and the information?” The answer to this question will point you in the direction that you need to go in order to sell them.

Converting your leads into first level customers is the entire purpose of all your studying of online marketing and all of you Pay Per Click and Social Media marketing. Take Lead Conversion and Closing very seriously. It is the payoff for all of your hard work that you put in generating your leads online.
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MJ Durkin

MJ Durkin

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