Leadership Development: Do You Know Why You Want to Lead?

Leadership Development Do You Know Why You Want to LeadIs it important to know why you want to lead? YES! It is extremely important to know why you want to lead! If you aren’t able to answer this pertinent question of ‘why you want to lead’ then you obviously shouldn’t be a leader. But, if you are able to answer that question then you are more than capable of being a great leader.

Leadership Development

People aren’t natural leaders. It’s something that you learn through experience, mentoring, and hard work. Leadership development is something that every leader should go through. Leadership isn’t a walk in the park; it’s difficult. You want to be mentored. You want to go through challenging situations so you gain experience. You want to work hard. Being a leader loses meaning if you don’t know why you want to do it. Don’t just accept a leadership position just because it’s the next step or offers more money. Those two aspects can be additional reasons, but your main reason should be because you want to better the company or be able to help everyone become more successful.
A good way to improve your confidence in being a leader and to learn why you want to lead is to think about the leaders that you’ve looked up to. Looking up to leaders from the past and learning from this is a great way to start developing as a leader, because you’re taking real people that inspired YOU and putting what you learned from them in helping you develop your skills as a leader.

Setting Standards and Goals for Yourself

Ray Kroc (one of the founders of McDonald’s) said, “The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.” It’s very important that you set standards for yourself when you’re a leader. I mean it’s important to set standards for yourself in every aspect of your life, you don’t want to go below your standards! If you don’t set standards for you to meet, then you’re going to fall behind and feel like you’re lacking and aren’t using up all of your potential.
Along with setting standards, you also want to set up goals for yourself to meet. This is a critical component of leadership development that many people tend to overlook. Setting up personal goals to reach is a good way to develop more responsibilities as a leader. You want to show to your team/peers/employees that you are working on bettering yourself for the company, them, and yourself. You want to show that being a leader isn’t all about you being able to boss people around.

Setting standards and goals not just for yourself but for your team as well.

Yes, it’s important to create standards/goals for you but it’s also very important to create them for your team as well. If you create standards that your team has to meet, then your team has a requirement. They have to make sure that they meet those standards and to always work their hardest to never go below the standards that you set.
When you set goals for your team, you have to make sure that they are goals that can be obtained if your team is just starting out. If you set these mountain high goals that seem to far away to reach, then your team is going to feel inadequate. But, if you set goals that are realistic and obtainable then are going to be able to build up your team’s confidence in feeling as if they can complete the harder goals. If you and your team can reach the goals given then you will both will feel fulfilled in what you are doing.
That’s all for today’s tip. Be sure to keep in mind why you want to lead and to set up standards/goals for you and your team to meet, as this is pertinent for leadership development. If you are able to do this, then there is no doubt that you will be a fantastic leader.
Be Great!
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