Leadership vs. Management

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Many people do not realize this but did you know that there is actually a difference between leadership and management?

I practically just heard half of your minds being blown by that statement. Yes, there is a difference between the two ideals.
Since both categories often times go hand-in-hand, it is rare that a person actually takes the time to dissect what each one really means. Now when I say that, I do not mean that those who assume the terms to be the same are wrong because they are not. For the most part, leaders and managers are the same.

However, there is one crucial detail that separates them; the quality of motivation.

Leaders tend to give off a very high motivational frequency, meaning that leaders encourage, motivate, and foresee an optimistic future that managers tend to overlook or choose to not see. Leaders thrive off the energy of others around them and build those individuals up to believe in themselves, as well as have faith in those they are working with.
I am not saying that managers are money thirsty pessimists who can care less about motivating others because that is just not true. However, the largest downfall for managers is the corporate status they tend to hold, which can be a slippery slope to a frantically busy life and work environment.
This can cause one to lose sight in the little things life has to offer and that it allows you to give to others.
If you think about it, usually leadership is given and developed at a much smaller level that management positions are. Therefore, leadership is far less stressful and holds more of an emotional (“done from the heart”) element to it than that of the financial burden that comes along with being a manager.
Manager positions are typically given at the store or corporate level which almost always has money involved. Money can very quickly make things that used to be enjoyable and passionate turn into a race to reach the dollar sign.
Therefore, many people tend to not look for the true potential in others as a person or due to work ethic because everything becomes about numbers:

“Do we have enough bodies on staff?”

“Are we meeting our quotas?”

“How many more shipments are the trucks bringing in that the staff needs to shelve?”

In management, people very quickly lose their sense of individuality and importance because everything and everyone becomes a simple piece of a well-oiled machine.

So you need to take a step back one day and truly ask yourself: which one am I?

A Leader or a Manager?

Be Great!
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  • Jonathan Ahn July 6, 2016 at 3:40 pm

    Great post thanks for sharing.