Make Up Your Own Mind

The first thing that everyone is asked to do when they join a new company that is being built upon our network of people, is to ‘make a list’. Although it feels hard at first, it is really quite easy to make a list of family, friends and acquaintances from each of our circles of life in which we move and with whom we interact. The hard part is to not ‘make up the mind’ of these people for them; to not pre-judge them and take away an opportunity that they may actually be interested in.
How are we to know who would say ‘no’? If you have ever tried anything like this before, then, of course, we all know people who have already said an emphatic ‘no’ to prior opportunities, but, then, they don’t go on the list from the outset. Ultimately, there are only two kinds of people – those who say ‘yes’ and those who say ‘no’ when finally asked to make a decision.
However, in all fairness, on first approach there are three types of people…

The three types of people can be represented as green light, yellow light, and red light people. The real art of selling begins by learning to identify the ‘red lights’ immediately so as to stop wasting everyone’s time as soon as possible. Talking to a ‘red light’ is not a productive way to spend your time. This is the process of qualifying. There are simple questions to ask up front to qualify someone’s interest level and to see if you need to go on or end it there and then. ‘Yellow lights’ are a different story. Most people hearing about an opportunity for a home business for the first time are skeptical and want to move slowly. That is great. No one should be in a hurry to start a business, especially one that is new and will require a new tool set, or skill set. The more someone learns about a business, the more that they will know if it is a ‘right’ opportunity for them. These people are worth the second, third and fourth contact. As long as they are not ‘red light’, they are worth talking to again. ‘Green lights’, of course, are our favorite people in the world!
So why is it so difficult to make the list and work it? It’s because we are still ‘yellow lights’ in our own minds. Once we understand and believe in our company and the products that we are marketing and the business that we are building, we are no longer in a ‘sales’ position, we move to a ‘storytelling’ position. This is when we cross the threshold, become our own ‘green light’, and become successful with our list and our business.
It is through great mentorship that the ‘light’ will change. None of us knows how to do this when we begin our journey, but this is where our sponsor, trainer, leader, mentor steps in and helps us to be successful in learning our new skill set.
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Seth Lefferts.

Have you created your list? Do you have a sponsor, trainer, leader, or mentor helping you succeed in making that list and understanding where to focus your time and energy? If you’re spinning your wheels where you are, trying to get to where you want to be, STOP, and schedule some time in my calendar and see how it’s done!

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