Making Money on Facebook Without Annoying Your Friends and Family

Making Money on Facebook Without Annoying Your Friends and Family
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Well Hello everybody and welcome, welcome, welcome!
I am so excited to have you, host you, join you today, on the Network Marketing Radio Show. We are live with one of the best of the best in the profession. A guy that understands the ins-and-outs of what’s working and what’s not.

We will give you some tips today that you can use to actually get leads today which is so exciting.

We are on multi media, we are live on Facebook live stream. What’s up to my Facebook peeps. We are partly live on Blab, as we were having some trouble with Blab this morning.

But I have people from all over the world calling in, listening in, and we are live on the radio and every Monday at 12:00 Eastern, we bring you the best of the best with network marketing.

This is a profession that has matured over the last couple years, I went out for drinks with a new friend in town yesterday. I live in Connecticut and he is from Utah and he is a very corporate structured guy. He’s traveled all over the world and he was talking about growing up in Utah where there’s a hub of network marketing companies. He wasn’t talking bad about network marketing, he was just talking matter of factly. But he said his dad had been involved in several network marketing companies and there we go! I got a referral from a friend in town, someone whose dad in another state had been involved in network marketing in the past.
And that’s how it happens; network marketing can be a very expensive hobby or it can be a very lucrative business. We are committed on the Network Marketing Radio Show to make it a lucrative business.
So today I have a good friend of mine, a business partner, a business mentor, a business coach. A man I have done many projects with over the years, a guy who has helped myself and a lot of people on my team, a lot of people in my company. He has worked with a lot of our five figure monthly earners, he’s worked with a lot of our six figure income earners, and some people call him the “God Father of Facebook”.

He was building online way before Facebook was even on the money so I want to invite my friend, Facebook marketing expert and social media expert Max Steingart.

Drew Berman: “Max are you on the phone?”
Max Steingart: “Drew, I’m on the phone, I just, I’m on the phone”
DB: “Excellent! Well you know what, we’ll make this a part one, part 2 we’ll do a full on webinar series and training cause I know you often like to share your screen. But in the meanwhile, welcome and tell us what’s new and good in your life?”
MS: “Well you know I’ll tell ya, life couldn’t be any better. You know, you can add to the resume, I just had three more coaching clients that just hit the million dollar status in three or four months. I’m thrilled, I’m thrilled for all of them. Drew the thing that has me more excited for everybody than anything else I’ve ever done, anything else I’ve ever experienced; is years ago, we used to talk about why you needed to go to Facebook. Why you needed to go to Linkedin. We don’t have to tell anybody why, everybody knows[now], they were there. And what is happening is Facebook, Linkedin, and pretty much most social networks now are encouraging their users to hook up to a smart phone. In other words, be mobile and as a result of that, what we are seeing is the response time. The reaction time to what people are doing it’s almost instantaneous. In other words, you’re constantly getting notifications, you’re constantly getting messages from people that you’re connected with. When someone changes their picture, you get a notification. When someone makes a post, you get a notification, and what this does is it give people a chance to talk to people you know. I’mm seeing this big rush of training where they are encouraging everybody to build your list, get likes, get followers, and those are all nice things but it really all comes down to engagement and when we mean engagement, I mean a little deeper than a like or a share or a poke. I mean talk to somebody. Send somebody a message and they respond, if they like you, almost right away and Drew are you spending much time on linked in?”*
DB: “You know Max, that’s my weakest point. I predominantly follow your strategies on Facebook, to give an example that I’m doing that you’ve taught me, which is just awesome, I post a lot of personal stuff on my profile page and business stuff on my business page. But on my profile page, I just posted a couple things that are going on in my life. Like I just did a triathlon and I posted three things on my homepage on the triathlon. One was “‘Getting ready for the Tri, can I get a go Drew go!”‘ and I put a picture of me with a thumbs up with my suit, my funny looking goggles, my yellow headpiece, and my wet suit. And I looked like a freaking Minion but I got 130 likes and about 40 comments. So all I’m doing is I’m kind of following your strategies and I’m going through one-by-one and I’m seeing who’s a friend, who’s already in my business, who’s family, who’s someone that I’ve met from high school, who’s potentially a prospect. And all of a sudden, I have a hundred and forty inbox things and I’m using your questions and your training and I’m just getting to know these people. And I’m starting with something you taught me which is so simple, “‘Thanks for liking my post what are you up too?”‘ I gotta tell you I’m engaged in probably ten or twenty different conversations right now and that’s just from one post, let alone a couple things I had going on my business page. So I can’t even think beyond Facebook right now but I’m so excited to see what you got going on with Twitter and on Linkedin and of course on Facebook”…

Want to know what Max has planned on these social media sites, check out the rest of this interview with Max Steingart on iTunes, Blab, Facebook and more. Also be sure to check out Max Steingart here!

Be Great!

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  • Jonathan Ahn June 7, 2016 at 5:40 pm

    Your radio show is awesome! Looking forward to keep tuning in.

  • Robb Corbett June 8, 2016 at 7:06 pm

    Very cool man, Max was definitely one of the pioneers of using social media to recruit… The big thing I have learnt is make friends!