Marketing With Video … In My Own Words

Yesterday one of my teammates, Seth Lefferts, contributed a blog post with a great introduction to marketing with video. It resulted in a lot of offline feedback so I felt compelled to make my own contribution … with video! 😉

As you can see, from my perspective, not to diminish from Seth’s points at all, marketing with video is very powerful, whether done in person, as I prefer, or via “PowerPoint” presentations as I describe in the video. The magic of seeing and hearing – using two senses – engage the audience with a whole new dimension and, as a result, impress upon your audience at a much deeper level.
By the way, marketing with video via “PowerPoint” presentations, for those not familiar with the Microsoft PowerPoint software package, is analogous to creating a presentation with static textual slides or animated – and even non-animated – computer screen shots put together in a specific presentation order. The “presenter” simply reads the presentation an a voice-over fashion – never showing their face in front of the camera (aside from, perhaps, a picture). The presenter, in this form of marketing with video, can provide additional context to the presentation just as a presenter might do in front of a live audience. Simply put, this technique is a great way to present with video – and engage your audience on a deeper level – without actually getting in front of the camera. It’s not as good as getting in front of the camera, but it’s the next best thing.
Fall in love with your audience and have them fall in love with you by marketing with video. It’s the next paradigm shift on the internet and you’re here personally to make it happen! I look forward to seeing YOU in a video soon!!!
Best to you!
– Drew

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