Marketing With Video: Today's Best Online Marketing Strategy

Marketing With Video

Marketing With Video

Tell me what you think (comment below)… When you read someone’s words, you get a sense of how they think. When you hear someone speak, you get a sense of what they are like – how genuine they seem to be and whether you like or dislike their thought process as they verbalize it. When you see them in a video you get a whole new dimension and perspective! You get to see if they look you in the eye, if they smile at you, if they are coherent in their thought process, if they are trustworthy, and if they are someone worthy of your precious time and attention. As a viewer, it becomes so much easier to decide if you want to share your time with them … or not. Marketing with video could be your best online marketing strategy so let’s roll ’em!
Video blogging, as a means of marketing with video, is the newest wave of the online future. Digital video cameras are of very high quality and very low cost, so now videos are popping up from everywhere – pool side, in the coffee shop, in one’s home office, in the park, on a hike…you name it! I am not completely sure that bloggers review their own work, however, because so many of them seem so badly done and sometimes even staged. It takes a rare gift, and frequently a lot of practice, to be good in front of the digital video camera with off-the-cuff, unrehearsed remarks. It also takes someone with confidence and clear thinking to come off as natural, comfortable, and engaging when marketing with video.
When I started looking for a new business to build from home I was bombarded by v-mails. That’s my term for the new video emails. Everyone has a YouTube channel. In fact, you have to today to be considered “current”. At the same time, it is definitely worth it to be good at marketing with video. Nothing says it better than saying it yourself. If you are trying to get across lifestyle as a concept, for example, then seeing you poolside or on the beach in some tropical paradise says it loudest! Many people don’t want to take the time to read a blog anyway (nice to see that you are reading mine) yet are far more engaged with video.
So, if you want to be a successful internet marketer, for whatever you think is worthy of telling people about through the new media, then it is time to get yourself a high quality video camcorder and get comfortable in front of the lens. Practice, practice, and practice some more. Marketing with video could be a double-edged sword so it’s important to, again, practice. After all, practice makes perfect!
Also, look at what Drew is doing to get a sense of timing and how to present your thoughts in a clear and engaging way. Be in tune with your attitude, enthusiasm, command of your subject, and ease of monologue (it’s not a dialog just yet). These are all attributes to creating successful v-blogs. Most of all, have fun.
By the way, Drew wrote a subsequent blog post about marketing with video so go check it out!!!
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Seth Lefferts.

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    Hi Drew, your information is great . I know it will help my marketing efforts immensely. keep up the good work.