Marketing Your Blog

I adapted this from an email to my team – they suggested I turn it into a blog post. Well, folks, here you go!!! Though this is geared towards the MLM industry, the principles apply to almost any industry.

When it comes to marketing your MLM blog (your team’s blog, etc – whichever you’re promoting), what can you do? First and foremost, you’ll need blog material. The more, the better. Check out other posts here for additional examples. You need to provide VALUE to folks looking for direction. Visitors could be MLM newbies – talk to their concerns. Some visitors could be MLM millionaires looking to change their game – certainly, you can talk to them! Lead with VALUE! Two sites that you can reference for MLM blog-writing inspiration are and it’s sister site, There are literally thousands of other high-quality, inspirational blogs out there! Surely, Google can help you here.
That was the easy part…

Now that you have quality, valuable content, you have to market/promote your blog. Without being technically savvy, ANYONE can become familiar with Facebook. It’s one of this generation’s premier social networking tools. Make friends with people – people you already know; people you don’t already know. Find friends in other MLM businesses by joining Facebook groups such as “Network Marketing”. Just search (top right of Facebook page) for Network Marketing and start adding friends. Include a little note with the friend request to personalize it a little. This gets better response rates. See what others are doing and see if they might need help. Direct them to your blog (your team’s blog, etc) as a blog that you’ve posted to and/or learned a lot from. “Hey, I’m new but I’ve learned a ton from this guy. Check him out!” Keep the dialogues moving. Aim to connect/chat/email with 3 to 5 live people a day. When you’re talking with people, ask questions. That way, you control the conversation and the other person gets to talk about themselves. (People generally like to talk about themselves!) Find out what they do, where their hardships lie, and how you can connect them to your opportunity. Always provide value.
Next, read other people’s blogs. You’ll likely run into other people’s blogs when you connect with people from the Network Marketing Facebook group (there are over 5000 people in this group – don’t just start at the first alphabetic person in the list! 🙂 ). Read the blogs and make comments. Draw connections to things in your blog (team’s blog, etc) and leave “deep” links. Don’t just link to your blog’s “home page” if you can help it. Though not an entirely bad thing, linking directly to a blog entry like (this is the web address for this blog; a web address can be found by right-clicking on a blog title and select “Copy link location” from the context/popup menu) will provide greater Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value. Leaving these cookie crumbs all over the place helps Google not only recognize your blog but it ranks them higher in searches. Don’t drop these cookies shamelessly. Webmasters can and will likely delete your comment as spam. As with blog posts, comments should provide VALUE!
Constant Change
It’s amazing how fast things change in the online world. I just read an article indicating that both Bing (Microsoft’s search engine) and Google have won contracts to start indexing Twitter content. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS??? This means that all that content – and all those links – provided on Twitter will mean something in addition to just the human eyes trying to make sense of it all. What is especially important to you are all those links. If you promote your blog content on Twitter through one of the many available tools, those links are going to make your content that much more important (ranked higher). YEAH!
The reason I’m telling you is that it brings a couple of more things to mind that EVERYONE can do. When you’ve read a blog post such as this one, you may have noticed in the top right of each blog post a green “retweet” button. What that does is posts to Twitter, under your Twitter account, the blog title and a link to the blog entry itself. This provides additional exposure to your blog entry to your Twitter followers (and shortly to Bing and Google). Best case scenario, all of you – and all of your friends, and friend’s friends, etc – retweet your blog content. The more, the better, however, I believe an individual can only retweet a single post once.
Also, remember how I previously suggested that you comment on other people’s blogs? Well, you can certainly comment on your own blog posts as well. There’s no specific need to add links to other people’s blog entries (in fact, that may actual lower Google ranking) but, more importantly, be sure to add something of value. Otherwise, you’re just tooting your own horn.
But wait, there’s more!
There is ANOTHER thing that ANYONE can do to help promote their blog – save your bookmarks online! Yep, the days of saving bookmarks locally in a browser are passé! Social networking has stretched its mighty arms around bookmarks! Sites such as, and are the big three. Get social and open an account on one of these sites. Transfer your bookmarks from your browser to this new account and make sure that they’re publicly available. You may have to “share” the bookmarks or something to that effect. It’s important to have your own bookmarks in addition to your blog bookmarks (the next step) because the search engines want variety. Once you transferred your personal bookmarks to your new social bookmark account, go to your blog and start bookmarking 10 to 20 blog posts – not to the browser bookmark list but to your new social bookmark account (In creating the account, you may get a special browser button or something to easily create bookmarks. Tune in to the process.). Remember to bookmark the “deep links”, not just the home page. The deep link is “attached” to the blog post title. Keep doing this ongoing for various blog posts. You do not need to do this for every post. Bookmark your favorite one or two every week, for example, ongoing. Get your friends to do the same thing!!! THIS – IS – HUGE ! ! ! Search engines rank these social bookmark links REALLY HIGH since, of course, you would not have bookmarked them if they weren’t any good, theoretically.
These are simple, non-technical steps you can take to get your blog out there. Surely, there are more advanced options but that will be a topic for another time. Happy blogging!
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Dave Schafer.

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