Marriage And Business

My wife and I are reading a book called “His Needs/Her Needs” by Willard F. Harley, Jr. He explains a marriage can only thrive if both partners are getting their needs met. Sounds simple. He also says that each partner needs to know the others needs. I am impressed with the book and had to stop to quote this paragraph.

The great American scramble for more goodies as you move up the ladder of success becomes perhaps the deadliest enemy any family faces. What should be primary in a marriage: your relationship as man and woman, or your standard of living? We all know the “right” answer, but many couples still get it all backwards. They put their standard of living ahead of their relationship with the mistaken idea, “We will be happy if we can just get ahead.” In many cases exactly the reverse happens. They reach a “higher standard of living” but at a terrible price.

So what would your spouse like more of, money to spend or time with you? What are your thoughts?